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10 Aug 2012

New collection of bicycles Volkswagen 2012

  • Written by Aitor

Thinking of all users, Volkswagen launches new range of bikes 2012. In it we find models of mountain, city, trekking and even a model called pedelec electric bike.

The pedelec bike is certainly the most peculiar model. It is an oriented walk incorporating an electric motor with lithium polymer battery of 24V, which helps the user to maintain speed without effort and even rest while advancing bicycle. This model features a scenic design that favors comfort and easy mobility in urban areas.

Volkswagen also offers two models of mountain with 26 box (black / red) and 29 (black / blue) inches, made of lightweight aluminum and with full technical equipment, ideal for mountain trips. Finally, trekking models for men and women are the most versatile for combining solution asphalt walks, trails and mountain roads. Both are offered in an elegant black color.

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