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27 June 2013

New Citroen Picasso C4

  • Written by Aitor

The new C4 Picasso, Is available in 4 trim levels (Attraction, Seduction, Intensive and Exclusive) and 6 engines (VTi 120, THP 155, HDi 90, e-HDi 90 Airdream with ETG6, e-HDi 115 Airdream with manual transmission and ETG6, engines to which the e-HDi Airdream 150) be added.

Furthermore, the Citroën Picasso C4 curves goodbye to welcome the straight lines. Its front intermittent front incorporates LED daytime running lights, supplemented with a defense that stands out for its surround gate and led taillights with 3D effect.

El C4 Citroën Picasso was created through the new platform EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2), which has allowed it to reduce its weight and increase 140 kg luggage capacity in liters 40, reaching the 537 liters VDA (630 liters when the seats of the second row are in the forward position) .

The new Citroen Picasso C4 equips the latest advances in safety and comfortIncorporating features such as an integrated on top of the windshield, used to change the beam automatically and active safety belts that tighten automatically in an emergency camera. The Picasso C4 also incorporates Park Assist, which performs an automatic parking maneuver once the place has been detected, or the two screens on your dashboard. The Pack Lounge incorporates massage seats in the front seats, one seat Relax allows the front passenger to extend the legs and, for all, a headrest to support Relax your neck.

As for technical features, the Citroen Picasso C4 engines includes high-level, Reduced emissions (from just 98 g / km of CO2) and austere consumption (between 3,8 and 6,3 l / 100 km). The new Citroën Picasso C4 2 equipped gasoline engines (VTi and THP 120 155 6v) and 4 diesel (HDi 90, e-HDi Airdream 90, e-HDi Airdream 115 with box and manual and piloted e-HDi Airdream 150). In the near future will incorporate BlueHDi 150 engine with 110 g / km emissions CO2 and equipped with an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) module, the most effective technology to treat NOx (-90%) and reduce emissions CO2 .

The new Picasso is produced exclusively in the center that Citroën has in Vigo, where also people carriers C4 Citroën Citroën Picasso and Grand Picasso C4, saloon C-Elysée and commercial and Citroën Berlingo Citroën Berlingo Electric occur.

Changes in the design of the Citroen Picasso C4
The overhangs have been reduced (- 70 mm front), engine block and ground clearance have been reduced (from - 40 mm - 50 mm for the engine;-20 mm to the ground) and the tracks have been widened ( + 82 mm front; + 31 mm rear), for dynamic, energetic and rugged style.

The front marks a renewal of Citroën style with a new engine and reaffirmed staging of the chevrons, which extends to some spectacular lights for its technological aesthetic block. LED daytime running lights cleverly extend the grille and headlights accompany, immediately below. The fog lights complete this light signature.

The new C4 Citroen Picasso was inspired by the Tubik concept car, Survolt and Revolte, Led taillights have a deep 3D futuristic effect. In addition, gains in dynamic behind the adoption of an enclosure door, suggesting breadth and robustness. After this gate offers a wide and easy access to the boot.

To highlight these features of style, C4 Citroën Picasso has a range of eight colors ranging from refined Shark gray, aluminum gray, black Onyx Hickory and the bright red ruby, blue and blue Kyanos Teles. This three types of alloy wheels 16'' and'' 17 18 ',' with an unprecedented design are added.

Interior of Citroen Picasso C4
The ambience inside the new Picasso C4 amplitude sensasion get a panoramic windscreen thanks to the series and the large glass roof. Like the previous generation, has a glazed surface reference (5,30 m2).

The dashboard, asymmetric design, associates different colors and materials. On the driver's side, dominates the black color and is echoed in the passenger side with a lighter color (or Champagne Ardoise chosen as harmony), with a scale effect. Satin chrome and gloss black inserts adorn the set. The care and refinement are carried to the smallest detail: the door panels are treated with great care while the handle is coated with a laser engraving.

The preparation of seats is made of a graphical effect. The new Citroën Picasso C4 can have a Nappa leather upholstery in harmony duotone Black / Champagne.

Driving Interface 100% digital, 100% Touch
The new Citroën Picasso has C4 interface intuitive driving 100% digital and aesthetics. The dashboard is structured around two screens, located in the middle: a tablet touch 7 "and 12 screen" HD widescreen.

The tablet Touch 7'' series, associated 7 sensitive buttons, can handle all the vehicle functions: dual zone climate control, navigation, audio, telephone, driving aids, online services ...

The 12'' widescreen HD displays essential driving information and the driver can be configured at all times. It can choose to display navigation information or driving aids depending on your needs. The driver can also display a personal photo as wallpaper via a USB key.

To stay connected, the new Citroën Picasso C4 has a portal connected applications, Citroën Multicity Connect, allowing, among other things, find the nearest service station, look for a hotel or restaurant, or even report on weather or warn of traffic areas with risks.

Easy and comfortable driving in the Citroen Picasso C4
The new Citroën Picasso C4 proposed innovations for easy and comfortable ride like 360 ° VISION system that offers a complete view of the environment near the extendable drive for easy maneuvering or the Park Assist system, which helps the driver when looking square performs automatic parking and maneuvering both online and on battery.

Security technologies in the Citroen Picasso C4
The new Citroen Picasso C4 system incorporates active regulation of speed to detect and alert all slowing vehicle in front, and maintains a constant distance acting on the throttle or engine braking in a range of plus / minus 25 km / h. Once the road clears, the vehicle automatically returns to the default speed.

Active safety belts the driver or front passenger are equipped with engines that automatically tighten the belt in case of danger, for maximum protection. In addition, in coordination with the alert involuntary change lanes, alerts the driver to pass a line of road through vibrations in the belt.

In addition, the images provided by a miniature camera integrated into the rearview mirror serve to manage Highbeam, ie automatic activation and deactivation of the beam according to the lighting conditions and movement in the area.

The surveillance system dead angle ultrasonic informs the driver of the presence of a vehicle in the blind spots by an orange LED on the angle of the mirror. This system is active between 12 km / h and 140 km / h controls the front area bounded by the exterior mirror. It extends to near 5 m behind the rear bumper and 3,5 ma sides of the vehicle.

Finally, the Citroën eTouch includes, among others, an emergency call system and localized support (by country), two free services available and the 24 hours seven days a week thanks to an integrated SIM card, which should guarantee incident or accident precise localization and rapid intervention by the emergency services.

An optimized architecture that combines compactness and habitability
The EMP2 modular platform has allowed greater wheelbase that directly improves the livability and space on board. Compared to the previous generation, the new C4 Picasso is a more compact model abroad, but with more space inside. Its length has been reduced by 40 mm, to provide greater compactness, while its wheelbase has increased 55 mm (2785 mm in the new C4 Picasso) to provide a reference habitability.

The trunk has 40 additional liters, with a total of 537 liters VDA (up 630 liters when the second row seats are in the forward position).

Combining its dimensions, with electric power steering and a turning circle of 10,8 m we obtain an agile vehicle that suits all driving situations.

The new Picasso C4 remains a modular vehicle. The front seat can plague table as increasing capacity over 2,5 mo view for rear passengers. In 2 row, three single seats are the same width, can be folded flat, they tilt to provide added comfort and adjustable in length to improve flexibility. The space in the knees is 159 mm.

The new C4 Citroën Picasso has different storage compartments scattered around the cabin. For example, illuminated in the central part of the dashboard equipped with audio, and USB connections 220V space, ideal for plugging in a smartphone or tablet. The mobile console box equipped with the piloted version changes, including driver and front passenger, leading to reach personal effects. And of course gaps under the front seats and the door panels, network and tables on the backs of the front seats LED lighting and storage hatches on the floor of the second row, practical for day to day.

Segment leader in emissions and consumption CO2

The new Citroën Picasso C4 has "thinned" 140 kg compared to the previous generation, thanks to new EMP2 platform, the use of aluminum and steel THLE (very high strength) in some parts and have a back ground in composite material . The remaining 70 kg have been achieved in the body.

This reduced weight, improved aerodynamics associated with treatment (SCx 0,71) and a range of optimized engines provide a significant reduction in emissions and consumption. On average, they have earned 30 grams or more than 1 liter to 100 km compared to the previous generation.

Moreover, the range of new engines C4 Picasso is distinguished by remarkable advantages. In diesel, the Stop & Start technology equips all engines (except HDi 90 with manual transmission). The e-HDi engine emits Airdream 115 104 grams CO2 with ETG6 box (105 grams CO2 with manual gearbox) and a combined consumption of 4,0 l / 100 km.

The new Picasso C4 primier be the brand model to employ a BlueHDi * engine, which meets Euro 6 standard: BlueHDi 150, emitting 110 g / km of CO2 and integrating a module SCR (selective catalytic reduction), the most effective technology to treat Nox (- 90%) and reduce emissions CO2 in all situations.

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