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02 Aug 2012

New concept of electric motorbike BMW C Evolution

  • Written by Aitor

BMW Motorrad concerned about the changing needs of the environment and society presents C Evolution motorcycle, electric mobility on two wheels designed for city traffic and other new challenges.

C Evolution, differs by having an innovative electric motor combined with swing set and a propellant consisting of a water-cooled electric motor, a toothed belt and a planetarium. It also has a durable performance 11 kW (ECE approval R85) and maximum power of 35 kW.

Although, despite an electric vehicle is to think of slow speeds and limited range, the C Evolutión overcomes the drawbacks of electric vehicles. It reaches a top speed of 120 km / h and has a range of up 100 kilometers thanks to its high capacity battery (8 kWh) and fast reload, which incorporates an innovative air cooling system and intelligent energy recovery system during deceleration and braking.

On the other hand its hybrid chassis makes it a great handling car, with low center of gravity, and a system of high-performance brakes with ABS and tires low rolling resistance Metzeler Feelgreen.

Driving the BMW C Evolution is also easy thanks to a TFT panel type instruments in combination with LED daytime driving LED.

History of the BWM C Evolution
During the day 2011 innovation of BMW Motorrad's first electric scooter concept, still under development are presented. Today, the scooter that only work with electric motor are suitable almost exclusively for use within cities, because they have limited performance and autonomy is modest.

However, the concept-scooter BMW E-Scooter includes sustainable technical solutions and its scope is much broader. Soon after, in the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), Concept design study premiered e. This was an electric scooter made by BMW Motorrad and corresponded to the second phase of development of the scooter originally submitted. This new proposal as the aesthetic view of a scooter powered by an electric motor.

Now, with the "C evolution ', the third stage of development is presented. BMW Motorrad presents a prototype very close to that could be manufactured in series and, therefore, could hit shelves very soon electric scooter. Being a proper vehicle to move between the periphery of the city and the city center, development experts had to mainly apply two criteria. On the one hand, appropriate benefits comparable to those of a maxi scooter with a combustion engine, and on the other hand, long-range use realistic criteria applied.

BMW Motorrad has five copies of 'C evolution' fully functional, with which the mark is accumulating experiences of two-wheeled vehicles powered by electric motors. Thus, BMW Motorrad is expanding its expertise in this segment. In addition, BMW Motorrad draws on a series of events organized in Europe in order to promote the acceptance of electric powered two wheels, thus preparing the reception in the market will have a vehicle of this kind manufactured in series. During this phase, the vehicles are tested in different conditions, in realistic circumstances and practices. Its use is also used to analyze the existing infrastructure. For example, to create a network of suppliers of electric mobility, including, among others, companies or car rental companies car sharing (car sharing).

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