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06 September 2012

New MINI John Cooper Works GP

  • Written by Aitor

Developed in circuit, and approved for road traffic strictly limited edition, so the MINI John Cooper Works GP. The sportiest and fastest model ever mass-produced MINI world premieres at the World Paris Motor Show (September 29 until October 4 2012).

Production will be limited to a small number of units 2.000. The two-seater takes on a unique character thanks to the motor racing John Cooper Works and its striking design. Its four-cylinder turbo engine, modified in various details, has a maximum power of 160 kW / hp 218. Its adjustable suspension system particularly efficient brakes, alloy wheels specific model and sports tires ensure maximum maneuverability and fascinating driving pleasure. Sports series tires have a greater ability to adhere to the road, so the car's performance is spectacular cornering, braking is impeccable and benefits are impressive. The Kerb weight DIN standard is 1.160 kilograms, so the MINI John Cooper Works GP is one of the lightest sports cars in its segment.

The engine, suspension and aerodynamic characteristics were defined during intensive tests on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit classic. During these tests, the MINI John Cooper Works GP achieved a fast lap in 8: 23 minutes 18 seconds faster than its predecessor, the MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP 2006 year. This model also is able to accelerate from 0 100 km / hn 6,3 seconds and reach a top speed of 242 km / h.

The character of the MINI John Cooper Works GP is determined by the tradition of competition, forged during more than five decades. His achievements include top three in the overall standings of Rallye Monte Carlo. The model of the mark so far faithfully expressed a passion for motor racing was the MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit 2006 year. That competition model also had a limited edition copies 2.000, and is now a coveted collector's model.

Motor MINI John Cooper Works GP
The four-cylinder engine and cc 1.600 radical is distinguished by its power delivery and the ease with which revs. Its excellent qualities form the basis for obtaining the fascinating features of the MINI John Cooper Works GP. Exceptional engine performance is due to the application of many technical details. Some peculiarities of the engine that presents this model are: the block and crankcase are aluminum, the pistons are reinforced, the butt is particularly durable, crankshafts have a weight-optimized exhaust valves have sodium load. Compressor Twin-Scroll turbo creates pressure particularly heavy load, the system of direct fuel injection ensures particularly precise fuel supply, and fully variable valve management, which is based on the BMW VALVETRONIC technology Group optimizes responses and, in turn, the efficiency of the motor.

This ultra propellant reacts radically to any movement of the throttle. From just 1.750 rpm delivers its maximum torque of Nm 260. With the overboost function, torque reaches transiently 280 Nm from the 2.000 laps. Under these conditions, the acceleration capability is especially temperamental. The maximum power 160 kW / hp is delivered 218 6.000 rpm. The transmission of force is in charge of a manual gearbox with six gears, specially adapted to the power output.

The acceleration capacity is impressive. Specifically, this model is able to accelerate from 0 100 km / h in 6,3 seconds. Also impressive resilience: when accelerating from 80 km / ha 120 km / h will remain in fifth gear the MINI John Cooper Works GP, just pass 5,9 seconds. The maximum speed is 242 km / h. But the turbo engine also conspicuous by its efficiency. The MINIMALISM technology solutions further contribute to the average consumption of the MINI John Cooper Works GP is just 7,1 100 liters kilometers in the EU test cycle. The corresponding value of emissions is 2 CO165 grams per kilometer.

Chassis MINI John Cooper Works GP
The chassis of the MINI John Cooper Works GP is also the result of deep knowledge accumulated in motor sport. It is the first time that an adjustable suspension, with which it is possible to reduce the ride height by up 20 mm is included in a MINI. Thanks to this adjustable cushioning system with integrated coils (coilover), it is very easy to prepare the car for use in a circuit, regulating their height depending on the characteristics of each track.

The front axle is provided with inverted (inverted with damper rod supported in the bottom of the tube) uprights so that the longitudinal and transverse rigidity of the strut is greater. The fall of the front wheels is higher than the MINI John Cooper Works. This way you can make best use of the potential host sports tires, clearly different from the normal street structure, eliminating any tendency to understeer early lead to premature tire wear. Moreover, convergence is reduced in the front axle. The fall also increased by the rear wheels. Thanks to the different weight distribution for the smooth running of the front axle, the car behaves more neutrally in extreme situations, so it is faster in these circumstances. Because the posterior convergence also decreased, the car has a more agile handling and trace the curves more easily.

Equipment MINI John Cooper Works GP
The system sports brakes the MINI John Cooper Works GP ensures excellent braking capacity. The configuration of this system also comes from motorsport. Among others, has six bowlers fixed calipers and vented discs on the front wheels. The front discs have a diameter of 330 mm and its thickness is 25 mm, while the corresponding dimensions of the rear discs are 280 and 10 mm correspondingly. Also alloy wheels optimized weight 17 inches were developed specifically for the MINI John Cooper Works GP. Tires 215 / 40 R17 format especially distinguished by its great capacity for adhesion to asphalt. Optionally it is possible to buy standard tires 205 / 45 R17, which are mounted on the same tires. These tires manage to combine a good sporting behavior with good qualities on wet roads or low temperatures. The wheels 7,5x17 H2 ET45 were designed especially for the MINI John Cooper Works GP, and also come from race cars participating in the MINI Challenge. The tire profile is obtained by a method of machining of lightweight materials, while the same tires are produced using the flow forming method (flow-forming).

The system dynamic stability control DSC MINI John Cooper Works GP GP mode includes a special competition to replace the conventional control system DTC traction. The system of the MINI John Cooper Works GP dispenses with the activation of the automatic stability control ASC striking the engine, which in certain circumstances can be annoying. Rather, the ASC this model system only activates the brakes by EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock) subfunction. The software that activates the lock acts on the wheel brake is located on the inside of the curve, so that when it loses its capacity to drive the corresponding moment is transmitted to the wheel on the outer side curve, which has a higher support force.

Features of the MINI John Cooper Works GP
The outstanding performance of the MINI John Cooper Works GP are obvious, thanks to its unique design. The body color is Thunder Grey Metallic, exclusive to this model. The air inlet hood has a red frame. The side mirrors are also the same red color as well as the side air intakes in the front apron. The John Cooper Works emblem is on the lower front air inlet and also on the trunk lid. And with the side trim elements that originate in the front and go up the rear wheel arches and also are provided with the initials 'GP' can not be any doubt about the identity of this model. The equipment of the MINI John Cooper Works GP further includes xenon headlights with black housings color, fog lamps, sun protection glazing, climate control, Bluetooth hands-free kit with USB port, alarm, digital radio reception with great sound quality and DSC with specific GP and Sport mode button. The aerodynamic body components were designed to optimally guide the air, but also to enhance the image of the car striking aesthetic. Specifically, these front and rear flaps of large dimensions, and marked side of a spoiler roof, specifically designed for this skirt. The rear diffuser is added to the lining of the lower spoiler and the rear edge of the roof to reduce the 90 percent upward forces applied the airflow at the rear axle. Thus, the MINI John Cooper Works obediently behaves when cornering at high speed and in extreme situations.

Aerodynamic drag is six percent lower, resulting in less consumption and higher top speed. The airflow in the front of the car could be improved significantly with large skirt and also with the engine completely coated. This isolation of the engine not only reduces drag and lowers the upward forces acting on the front axle, but also optimize the guiding of the air flow under the hood. The air from the intercooler is guided outwards in a controlled manner through gills found in the central area of ​​insulating covering of the engine compartment. In this area air outlet aerodynamic flow velocities are high, causing a strong suction effect. Under these conditions, the air is literally sucked to leave the engine compartment, so that the operation of the radiator cooling charge air is optimized.

The fascinating feeling of being at the wheel of a racing car is reflected in the atmosphere that prevails in the interior, as its configuration purist concentrated way in the pilot and copilot, dispensing with, for example, the rear seats. The two can enjoy the high performance of the MINI John Cooper Works GP sitting at sporting brand Recaro seats, fitted with specially designed seams. A guard bar separates the front passenger compartment of the cargo compartment so as to prevent the objects located in the trunk to move forward. The sport leather steering wheel John Cooper Works and the knob of the shifter with chrome ring and marches scheme red optimize the points of contact between the driver and his sports machine. The roof lining in anthracite color linings Piano Black, as well as areas speedometer tachometer anthracite get the driver to focus more on driving.

The recommended retail price in Spain will 41.700 € taxes included

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