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11 July 2012

New engine for Volvo FH Euro 6

  • Written by Aitor

Volvo Trucks has an engine that meets Euro 6 environmental regulations. This engine reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 77% and the particles in a 50%.

The Volvo D13 for Euro 6 is based on tried and tested engine Euro 5 Volvo, which differs from this in that uses gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems Volvo Trucks has already been used for several years in the United States and Japan.

Priority in fuel economy and reliability

The SCR system, which converts nitrogen oxide harmful exhaust gases into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, is integrated with the particulate filter in a compact unit that occupies minimal space. The particulate filter, which captures and incinerates the microscopic particles found in the exhaust gas is automatically regenerated during operation of the truck. The EGR is mainly used to increase the temperature of the exhaust gas when the engine is not hot enough to heat these gases, and must meet at least 250 ° C for the SCR system to function optimally. In contrast to conventional EGR systems, engine EGR Euro 6 is practically inactive during motorway driving, so that does not affect the fuel consumption during these operations.

"We have developed a reliable solution that not only meets the emission requirements, but also provides customers with added benefits, like a good fuel and maintenance problems," says Mats Franzén.

Future regulations on Euro6

Since February 2012 may certify vehicles under the new regulations 6 Euro, but for another two years will not be required, so the demand for trucks Euro 6 by customers is not very high. Moreover, the strict emissions regulations involve advanced technology engines, including many new components, which in turn means more costs for customers. However, this increase in costs can be partially offset by various financial incentives and stimulus packages, especially in local operations or long-distance traffic in Europe.

Details for Volvo Euro D13 460 6

* Six-cylinder in line 13 liter 460 CV
* Maximum power to 1400 1900 rpm: 338 kW.
* Max. of 1.000 to 1.400 rpm: 2300 Nm.
* Automated gearbox, Volvo I-Shift
* Power brake VEB + engine rpm to 2300: 375 kW.
* Available for Volvo FH, 4x2 / 6x2, tractor, rigid, including vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR).
* Delivery Truck with RHD or left

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