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05 September 2012

New partner to recycle batteries Toyota

  • Written by Aitor

The announcement comes after a period of study to identify and select a European partner to recycle safely and sustainably lithium-ion batteries that are mounted on two new Toyota models: the newly launched MPV Toyota Prius + seven-seater, and plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.

The unique process of recycling rechargeable batteries Umicore uses a patented casting ultra high temperature (UHT, Ultra High Temperature). This process allows recycling value elements, such as cobalt, nickel and copper, batteries lithium ion out profitable and respectful with the environment. Umicore is also the only company in the world that has two specific lines of disassembly for batteries for hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles in Germany and the United States, supplying materials to its plant in Hoboken (Belgium). Currently, the two companies are in the process of closing a partnership.

In October last year, TME became the first European manufacturer to announce a new partnership for the recycling of nickel hydride batteries mounted in all hybrid models combined Toyota and Lexus full hybrid sold since 2000.

The combination of these two alliances is the backbone of Toyota's plan to fully implement the Battery Directive of the European Commission 2006 / 66 / EC, the legal framework for the collection and treatment of industrial batteries in Europe. As a result, Toyota Motor Europe will be well above the target of recycling efficiency of the European Commission.

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