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15 October 2014

New Volvo FL and Volvo FMX with cabin crew

New Volvo FL and Volvo FMX Crew Cab

The new Volvo FMX Volvo FL and now have cabin crew for fire equipment, rescue equuipos or technical assistance.

The Volvo FL with Crew Cab is designed for vehicles with Technically Authorized Maximum Mass (MMTA) of up to 16 tons. The cabin offers space for up to seven people. Its low access and door opening angle of 90º facilitate access. The Volvo FL is very versatile and is available in two engines, two different steering wheel sizes and numerous chassis heights.

Meanwhile the Volvo FMX with Crew Cab is designed for heavier and demanding tasks. Thus, the Volvo FMX with Crew Cab is available in 4x2 and 4x4 version. Its cabin is also prepared to 6 passengers, but also has air suspension. On the other hand, its interior has been designed to be easily cleaned.

As for the details of design, the rear steps of the Volvo FMX are retractable. In addition, the door handle is yellow, so it is easy to view in any condition, and the interior lighting is also improved.

Both vehicles have European approval and are ready for easy factory bodywork.

Details Volvo FL with cabin crew

- To MMTA to 16 tons.

- Cabin for up to seven people

- Low access, low center of gravity and angle of door opening 90º

- Engines: Volvo D5K Euro 6 with 210 240 or CV, or Volvo or 8 250 D280K with CV.

- Transmission: Automatic, I-Sync or manual.

Details Volvo FMX crew cab

- To MMTA from tons 18

- Available in basic versions or configurations 4x2 4x4.

- Space in the cabin for up to six people

- Air Ride Cab, vinyl upholstery, opening angle 90º doors, retractable stairs in the back.

- Engines: Volvo D11 Euro-6 330 450 with CV.

- Transmission: Automatic Powertronic Volvo, Volvo I-Shift or manual.

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