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17 Feb 2013

New accessories for the Volkswagen Golf 7

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen equips Golf 7 with a complete collection of accessories to customize your vehicle. All accessories are guaranteed to Volkswagen Genuine Accessories ®.

Within Volkswagen accessories, four are outdoor products, designed to complete the body Golf 7 from an aesthetic point of view and aerodynamic. These elements, which are available separately, are the rear spoiler, high aerodynamic efficiency and aesthetics, the side skirts, which lower the body and are made of durable plastic material, front, dynamic and sporty spoiler with its air intake plant in black, and the rear apron with diffuser Volkswagen, Leaving the double exhaust pipe visible. The interior of the new Golf 7, You can complete with trims the bottom of the stainless steel doors and stainless rugs velvet quality.

From the functional point of view, Volkswagen offers supports for the roof rack with aluminum profile, plastic protective covers and anti-theft lock, and folding rack which can be folded and stored in the space reserved for the spare tire trunk space and mounted quickly and without tools.

In the hollow of the spare wheel can locate the sound system Plug & Play, which consists of a Class AB amplifier with digital channels 5 integrated sound processor, with a total power of sinusoidal musical 300 480 W and W further including a powerful subwoofer.

Accessories for the owner of Golf
Volkswagen has several objects to the new owners Golf 7. Among the most striking find a backup battery for mobile, modern LED watch and bracelet braided leather bracelet. You can also find gadgets like a soccer ball, a hat or a small lamp. All items carry letters inscribed Volkswagen Golf.

Prices of items in the collection 7 Golf:
Sound System Plug and Play --- 696 €
Mouse fabric front and back, black, inscribed --- Premium 107 €
Running board stainless steel doors --- 4 157 €
Spoiler Primed roof edges --- 457 €
Thresholds side primed --- 522 €
Primed Front Spoiler --- 391 €
Primed rear spoiler --- 522 €
T-slot roof bars, doors --- 4 282 €
Bicycle carrier for the towing bicycle --- 2 615 €
Laptop Battery Battery Backup ---- 39 €
LED Wrist Watch Collection Golf --- 128 €
Woman bracelet, gray / beige braided Golf Collection --- 30 €

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