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16 Jan 2013

Presentation of the prototype Nissan Resonance Concept

  • Written by Aitor

El Nissan Concept prototype Resonance proposes a dynamic and energetic design, aerodynamic lines and marked with a propulsion system hybrid electric low consumption.

According to Francois Bancon, Director General of Strategy and Product Planning, Nissan designers have been inspired by scientific advances in technology and innovations in the field of materials.

An aggressive design for the prototype of Nissan Resonance Concept

Their surfaces are the energetic aspect of counterpoint between the fluid dynamics and pure serenity. Designers Nissan have managed to create an aerodynamic and protective lightly once silhouette, and sought to move the car a futuristic hypersonic vehicle.

The design of the front extols V motif typical of Nissan crossover that starts at the front grille, front hood expands and reaches the iconic boomerang shaped headlights. The body stands out for its powerful surfaces and lines accentuated by the line flows throughout the car from its beginning to the pillar D. These distinctive details provide the crossover image of advanced and spacious vehicle.

The unique design of "floating" roof is achieved by fine and sloping A-pillars, the large side windows and flowing design of the pillars causes D. The effect created an impression of floating structure supported by large windows and great space available in the cockpit.

The color of the body increases the sense of energy and warmth of the exterior design. The car also include grilled varnished with satin chrome accents and an exclusive light-alloy wheels 22 inches.

A sophisticated interior within the prototype Nissan Resonance Concept

For the interior, the designers could be imagined as space travel in first class in the future: Cozy but exclusive, but technological Premium. The resulting, with its light and leather-trimmed seats with contrasting seams, "VIP Lounge" breathes genuine sophistication.

Among the proposed details carefully emphasizes the sequential welcome lighting, adds warmth to vehicle access. The contrasting interior lighting highlights the sophisticated decor of natural wood interior.

An advanced instrument panel "floats" on the generous console creating a space where the driver locates access to communication equipment, information and entertainment. The technology is presented with a print driver that provides a holographic perception of information while the visual depth is used to separate the information according to its importance.

The glass roof gives passengers a unique view of the outside and floating elements such as roof sheathing, add a sense of lightness to the space. The interior atmosphere is enhanced by the sculpted shapes of the door panels and the elegant layout of the center console.

Dynamic and sustainable performance of the prototype Nissan Resonance Concept

Although the Resonance is present only as a concept vehicle, efficient electric hybrid engine shows the desire for crossovers customers that their cars are environmentally friendly without sacrificing driving pleasure. The Resonance of four-wheel drive system includes Nissan "One engine, two clutches" that combines a gasoline internal combustion engine with low electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery and an advanced management system. The Resonance offers the next generation Xtronic CVT ® boxes changes (continuously variable transmission) of Nissan.

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