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28 Feb 2012

Geneva: The MINI Concept Clubvan, new style

  • Written by Aitor

The MINI Concept Clubvan reconciles seemingly opposite qualities, paving the way for an innovative vehicle concept. The concept car, developed on the basis of the MINI Clubman and its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show of 2012, combines typical MINI driving dynamics with greater transport capacity.

The concept car differs from the MINI Clubman especially enclosed cargo volume behind the front two and the rear side windows sealed seats and, therefore, not translucent. The MINI Clubvan offers new qualities that can be leveraged in business as well as leisure time. This car is designed for different professionals: couture designer, an owner of an art gallery or caterers for special events. The Mini Clubvan Concept is also the car that offers the versatility you need, for example, a professional photographer who in his days of work must carry their cameras, tripods, lighting equipment and the like, and in his leisure use your car to transport sports equipment large.

The MINI Clubvan Concept gets combined with surprising naturalness increased functionality with an aesthetic that expresses a special lifestyle. Already in 1960, barely a year after the release of the classic MINI, the brand responded and attended the demand for a model with more capacity. The Morris Mini Van had a wheelbase four inches higher, a behavior closed cargo and a rear door with two wings, optimally fulfill the requirements for the use of car for business purposes. Moreover, this model was the basis for the Morris Mini Traveller, four-seat version with glazed surfaces on all windows, which is the predecessor of the current successful MINI Clubman. Over fifty years later, history repeats itself with Clubvan MINI Concept though altering the original sequence of presentation models.

Two seats, five doors, multiple possibilities of use

Since the MINI Concept Clubvan has only two seats, offers ample usable space and also extends the possibilities for customizing the car. The new concept car has a load behavior that calls for a maximum space inside and minimum overall dimensions. The cargo compartment begins on the grid spacing which is right behind the two seats and reaches the back door with two wings. The floor surface is completely flat and extends throughout the interior. Under these conditions, the usable volume for transport tasks is even higher than the maximum space offered by the MINI Clubman.

The four eyebolts fixedly attached to the floor for fixing various objects with adjustable straps to prevent movement, regardless of length, width or height. The grid separation fixedly anchored to the body, prevents objects carried may invade the space occupied by people in the passenger if the driver is forced to brake hard. The lower part of the partition is made of solid aluminum, while the upper part is a stainless steel grid alveolar silver. The sides and floor of the cargo compartment are covered with high quality fabric anthracite. The trim around the ceiling, including the passenger compartment and the cargo compartment is also anthracite color.

Like the MINI Clubman, the MINI Clubvan Concept is a five-door special character. The front doors, one for the driver and one for passenger doors two wings on the back and Clubdoor door on the right opens to the contrary, provides convenient access to any part of the car. Thanks to the mode of operation of the Clubdoor door, you can enter and remove smaller objects from the side.

The large space inside the car can be exploited in many ways. If the use is for commercial purposes, you can opt for a custom cargo compartment equipment in order to place it in an orderly fashion tools or goods in drawers or shelves. 12 volt outlets in the rear cargo compartment underline the functional character of the car.

The exterior design

The functionality and the typical brand style lend the MINI Concept Clubvan unmistakable character. With its similar to the MINI Clubman and the load behavior of expanded volume, the concept-car exterior dimensions is the world's first car in the premium character of the minivan segment. For the exterior design, it is immediately obvious that the MINI is a MINI Concept Clubvan. The changes experienced design for functional reasons not affect their own proportions of typical forms of a MINI. Users of this car have several possibilities to combine the professional or commercial use of the car with your personal style.

The exterior color of the MINI Concept Clubvan is British Racing Green. The roof, the C-pillars and mirror housings exterior mirrors have the same color. The rear side windows of the MINI Concept Clubvan from seeing what's in the cargo compartment, as is usual in this type of car. These windows are made of polycarbonate and the outer side have the same color of the body.

Since the side surfaces of Clubvan MINI Concept have the same color, they are ideal to customize them to your own preferences. For the concept car, the windows corresponding to the lateral surfaces bearing the logo of a poster designer in Britain, where they come from MINI. The graphic elements added later will give the car a unique look. Therefore, the versatile MINI is not only suitable for conveying various kinds, but also to display advertising company especially elegant way. Concept Clubvan MINI set forth in Geneva sample thus doubly personalization authentic way. On the one hand, the British company that has literally put his stamp on the concept car, is dedicated to effectively capture advertising on cars of their customers. And, secondly, aptly demonstrates how you could be a commercial vehicle brand MINI MINI using the example of Clubvan Concept.

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