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Volkswagen fraud after a new chapter on the problem with vehicle emissions opens. This time the problem comes to the Gallic manufacturer Renault.

While far from fraud committed by Volkswagen with vehicle emissions, the automotive sector suffers another setback when he was forced to call Renault revision 15.000 vehicles after detecting high levels of such emissions.

French Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal said Thursday that the manufacturer Renault is committed to contact the owners of the cars to verify and adjust the engines, after finding high levels of these emissions.

Apparently in this case it is just a problem with the filtration system that need to be redesigned to function properly when it is hot or when the temperature is below 17 degrees.

Such adjustment shall be made in just half a day and shall not affect the vehicle's performance which was completely unmarked in the case of Volkswagen since in this case has not committed any fraud, it's just a glitch as they have already sometimes happened to virtually all brands.

These measures are a reaction to last week's revelations about two Renault models - the Captur and the Espace - that have undergone specific technical tests, organized at the request of the French Government, with the aim of verifying the level of polluting emissions.

The minister is his remarks noted that apart from Renault, "there are other brands that exceed the standards" emissions that have to be met to approve their cars, but would not name names. This suggests that it is likely that other manufacturers end up performing actions similar to those of Renault which were found high levels of polluting emissions in their vehicles.

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Eolab Renault has presented a prototype of ultra low consumption (1l / 100 km), which emits just 22 CO2 grams per kilometer in Mixed cycle.

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07 Nov 2012

The Renault Fluence saloon saloon brings a new design and useful for the driver and occupants technologies: Renault R-Link, hands-free card, automatic parking brake, ... marketing Renault Fluence will start in January 2013 in Turkey and will continue throughout the year in over 55 countries including Spain in March 2013.

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      Renault leads from 1995 measuring the total environmental impact of their vehicle throughout all stages of life. The bearer of this environmental movement is 100% electric vehicle. To celebrate four years of their environmental signature, Renault toughens criteria requiring their vehicles to carry the banner of

efficiency ECO2

      , Although the British NGO Environmental Investment Organisation has appointed him as

"The company that emits less CO2".

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