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30 Dec 2012

New GMC Sierra 2014

  • Written by Aitor

The new GMC Sierra pickup 2014, opens a new and robust exterior that houses a EcoTec3 engine, a completely new cabin with IntelliLink connectivity and extensive standard features: headlights high reach and other premium features.

The engine options have increased power, torque and fuel efficiency. The options will be offered 4.3 6L V-, V-5.3 8L and V-6.2 8L all Family EcoTec3 engines. Each engine has direct injection, continuously variable aperture valve system administration and Active Fuel Management, which means it can be easily changed to run on four cylinders during light loads to save fuel.

The increase in power and efficiency of these new engines, it has been possible after investing over 10 million hours in the development of sophisticated models, of which more than half were used to design the best combustion processes.

The new engine 4.3 L V-6 EcoTec3 offers improved torque and towing capacity for six in 10 owners pickups towing something. "Instead of adapting a V-6 engine used in passenger cars, build a new engine based on the unique demands of a pickup," said Jordan Lee, Chief Engineer Powertrain. "The engine 4.3 L Sierra shares a basic architecture of design with new iterations of the V-8 engines."

With all this V8 Sierra engine offers the best fuel economy. However, the new engine has 5.3L EcoTec3 important updates that make it even more efficient. Meanwhile, the V-6.2 8L EcoTec3 is designed to offer outstanding capacity.

With the new engine designs and further developments, customers can expect the second generation of Sierra Active Fuel Management is better and which can operate in four-cylinder mode longer.

All three engines use block and lightweight aluminum heads and married with six-speed automatic transmissions. In the "Assistance grade braking" transmission downshift automatically, thereby reducing wear on the brakes. The V-8 models use a new, longer rear axles and between 9.5 9.76 inch hard enough to accommodate increased production of energy.

DuraLife ® brake discs and electric power steering
Strong brakes are important to stop a pickup when this will charged. Sierra 2014 has disk brakes on all four wheels with rotors DuraLife featuring a hardened and strengthened to reduce corrosion surface. The DuraLife rotors are expected to double the life of conventional rotors and execute a quieter and with less vibration braking.

Meanwhile, the Sierra 2014 uses electric power steering. The use of an electric motor instead of a hydraulic pump, fuel savings and allows a more consistent and precise adjustment to facilitate parking maneuvers.

The new interior of Sierra 2014
The interior of the Sierra 2014 contains quality materials, soft touch, with aluminum accents and technological developments aimed at creating a useful and productive space.

The instrument panel cares vertical visibility and accessibility to the different functions of the car. The knobs and buttons are large and legible and are covered with a material that makes handling even with gloves.

This panel includes six indicators with UNIC 4.2 inch color that owns the vehicle status information, trip computer and other information, such as radio and navigation.

Another aspect to be taken into account when designing the space is the provision of spaces to leave personal items included a laptop. Besides the Sierra 2014 is available with a connection 110 volts, with up to five USB ports, four outputs 12 volts and an SD card.

IntelliLink connectivity system uses a color touch screen high-definition, fully reconfigurable 8 inch intuitive and easy to read icons that control the audio, the Pandora application, bluetooth and navigation with new map display. Many of the features of the system can be controlled by voice commands, allowing the driver to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Sierra 2014 seats have dual density foam and high wear fabric, so they are designed to last longer and resist stains. Available heated cloth seats and standard skin.

New doors and box configurations
The car has new front 2014 Sierra hinges for the rear doors with exterior handles, facilitating access to discounted parking spaces. Unlike pickups with rear opening doors, Sierra allows rear passengers to enter and exit the vehicle even with the front doors closed.

Innovations in the cargo
The rear bumper of Sierra presents some steps in the corners for easy access to the box, regardless of whether the tailgate is up or down. It also has four movable hook that can be placed in nine different locations and may support 500 lb load. Inside the cargo box, integrated under the rails, LED lights illuminate the box. The EZ Lift tailgate and low are available and integrated using a torsion bar and damper to come down and easily lifted.

Technology for driver alert
Sierra 2014 has a number of optional active safety features such as Forward Collision Warning, which uses a front camera to notify the driver of an imminent collision or Lane Departure Warning, which uses the same camera to monitor the vehicle's position in relation to the lines of the path.

The vibration alert with Driver Seat, vibrant patterns generated pulses to the left and / or right at the bottom of the seat cushion, alerting the driver of potential dangers such as sudden lane change or too fast approach another vehicle . According to investigations of GM, the vibrations of the seats can direct the attention of the driver of a potential collision location faster and more accurately than audible alerts. Drivers have the option to select from audible or vibrating alerts.

Quieter, stronger, more aerodynamic
Sierra 2014 has new aerodynamic measures that benefit fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise. In addition, updates on the bodywork and chassis improved ride Sierra. The full box frame using hydroformed high strength steel to provide greater rigidity with less weight. The new structure of the cabin incorporates high-strength steel in the A, B, on the roof rails, in the lower panels and doors, while the steel segments of ultra-high-strength side panels offer increased protection for offset collision surface.

As their new engine blocks, Sierra roof is aluminum, saving approximately pounds 17 against steel component. In the rear, roll patterns formed in the box are stronger, lighter and more durable than traditional stamped steel box.

Sierra uses some aluminum suspension components to add rigidity and save weight. The new wheels are lighter wheels accompanied by low rolling resistance in most packages. The tire, together with the reassembled redesigned hydraulic cabins are developed to reduce noise and vibration inside.

Attention to detail
GMC designers have added distinctive details like the headlights reaching high available with LED accent light on detailing the new grille. All Sierra models have chrome grille trim Premium surrounded by black. There will be different levels of equipment with black trim covers chrome mirrors and door handles and wheels in unique designs and details on the grill.

Distinctive road All Terrain Model
The All Terrain version includes a unique exterior appearance with a painted grille and less chrome and is available with Extended or Crew Cab in a limited number of colors.

The road suspension with monotube Z71 Rancho shocks, downward slope control, front recovery hooks, coat of transfer case and unique wheels are standard and also includes automatic locking rear differential that reacts in milliseconds in low traction to improve safety and confidence in wet, snowy or muddy surfaces.

Sierra All Terrain is available exclusively with Ebony interior and front bucket seats in SLE models. Finished in carbon fiber seats are standard on SLT models.

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