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19 July 2012

New Husqvarna Strada and TR TR 650 650 Terra asphalt and offroad

  • Written by Aitor

Husqvarna adds two models: the new TR 650 Strada and the new TR 650 Terra, two extremely agile and dynamic single-cylinder motorcycles.

The new Husqvarna TR 650 has a particularly modern look, lightweight and sporty, both the Terra version, intended for use in moderate terrain, and the Strada version, designed for use on paved roads.

Single cylinder especially potent

La Strada and TR TR 650 650 Terra employ motor 650 G BMW Motorrad GS. This 652 cc single-cylinder water-cooled and equipped with two overhead camshafts underwent extensive modifications, achieving significantly increase performance. Specifically, rated at 43 kW / hp at 58 7.250 rpm and maximum torque of Nm 60 5.750 laps. For those new to the world of bikes, just get your license and have less than 25 years old, is offered as optional equipment factory lower power variant. This version has a power 35 kW / hp at 48 7.250 rpm and torque of 54 5.750 Nm rpm.

However, this single cylinder engine has undergone numerous modifications to suit your sporting and dynamic use. For a large driving force, high speed and immediate responses, the electronic fuel injection was modified camshafts were changed and increased compression, and other specific modifications. Despite these changes, this combined with an exhaust system in stainless steel with two terminals and provided with regulated catalyst tubes 3 way, conspicuously engine efficiency and respect for the environment.

The powerful single cylinder engine of the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada, combined with a gearbox and five-speed dog clutch is suitable for driving on winding roads, while the propeller TR 650 Terra, with higher torque curve, Driving shines mainly on land.

Robust chassis jeeps roads and paths

The structure is based on a tubular frame structure with subsequent screwed with the screw on the lower driving structure. The guidance of the front wheel is in charge of a large inverted telescopic fork torsional strength with diameter tubes 46 millimeters. An also very resistant to torsional forces double toggle, is responsible for guiding the rear wheel. This rocker is pentagonal shaped tubes. The system is connected by an articulated support the center post. In keeping with its use on paved roads, the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada has cast aluminum wheels, while TR stresses virtues 650 Terra offroad bike with cross-spoke wheels with the rim of the wheel and hub light alloy. The maneuverability of the bike and his faithful path tracking combined with a high level of comfort and good offroad qualities, thanks to the large spring travel of 190 millimeters.

The TR 650 Strada standard with ABS

The dynamism of the two bikes requires a system of high-performance brakes. The two models have disc brakes on both wheels, capable of stopping the bike with reliability and safety. The new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada is equipped as standard with ABS brakes. The new Husqvarna TR 650 Terra can take the ABS system as optional accessory factory mounted. If the use and manner of driving of the bike so require, the ABS system can be disconnected.

Main features of the Husqvarna Strada 650 and the new TR 650 Terra

• Powerful high-revving single-cylinder engine of 652 cc.

• Motor with 43 power kW / hp at 58 7.250 rpm and maximum torque of Nm 60 5.750 rpm.

• variant as optional equipment ex works with 35 power kW / hp at 48 7.250 rpm and maximum torque of Nm 54 5.750 rpm for motorcyclists under 25 years they debut their driver's license.

• Kerb Weight TR 650 Strada: 168 kg / weight with full tank: 187 kg.

• Kerb Weight TR 650 Terra: 166 kg / weight with full tank: 185 kg.

• Kerb Weight TR 650 Terra without ABS: 165 kg / weight with full tank: 184 kg.

• Robust chassis, designed for maximum maneuverability, double girder, double swing arm, upside down fork and spring strut center, all steel. Traversing the front and rear shock: 190 mm.

• Light alloy wheels 10 slender spokes in the case of the TR 650 Strada. With cross-spoke wheels typical offroad motorbikes, with rings and alloy hubs in TR 650 Terra.

• System-resistant and efficient brakes, single disc front and rear, with detachable ABS (standard on the TR 650 Strada, factory-fitted equipment for TR 650 Terra.

• Design virile and dynamic.

• positioned according to optimization criteria of center of gravity, in order to improve the maneuverability of the motorcycle tank.

• Additional equipment and special accessories: ABS (only TR 650 Terra) reduced power version 35 kW / hp 48 dome, hand protectors, protector under the engine skid, heated grips, anti-theft alarm, rear bag, topcase, panniers.

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