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09 October 2012

New motorcycle BMW R GS 1200

  • Written by Aitor

BMW GS is synonymous for over 30 years of driving pleasure and makes an adventurous spirit. The GS always distinguished by its versatility, being a proper bike to tour winding roads, highways fast travel, walking alone or with easy and also travel on bumpy tracks jackets.

Current BMW R 1200 GS, in its ninth year of production, is convincing for its innovative technology. In this model over 17.000 units were sold, so it is the world's best selling travel enduro. Now his goal is to develop a new improved version of the GS, preparing for the future version. In that sense we have worked to increase once again the overall performance of the bike, refine tourers qualities, increase your ability to move on rough terrain, improve the values ​​of power and performance in the segment type enduro motorcycles, ensure future of the bike considering the level of noise and exhaust emissions, configure the chassis to make it very maneuverable, increasing active and passive safety, give an unmistakable design and ensure the highest level of quality. However it was decided to redefine GS R 1200 completely, especially in regard to its drive assembly.

So the new BMW R GS 1200 includes a new boxer engine cooling air and water combined with vertical flow, integrated gearbox and driveshaft on the left.

In addition to achieving the performance levels and meet future standards related to noise levels and exhaust emissions, was amended, inter alia, the cooling system.

However, the oil cooling system is replaced with a new cooling system of ethylene glycol and water mixture. Thus, the coolant has better thermal properties, as it gets to dissipate heat more efficiently.

With this system called precision cooling (similar to that used in Formula 1), only the coolant cooled by engine components which are subjected to the highest thermal stresses. The propeller itself is being cooled primarily by air, so that the boxer engine design is maintained. The two radiators are small and are integrated so that almost no attention call.

For better filling of the coolant flow, the flow now occurs vertically instead of horizontally as before. The gearbox six-speed is built into the body of the motor. In addition, we chose a clutch in oil bath, anti-rebound (anti-hopping) function instead of the dry clutch used before. Furthermore, secondary propulsion remains in charge of the gimbal efficient, although the new version is on the left. Thanks to its power 92 kW / 125 CV, available 7.700 revolutions, and a couple of 125 6.500 Nm rpm, the new engine sets a new benchmark in the segment of enduro tourers, both for its power as performance.

The DIN weight (in running order) of the new GS is R 1200 238 kg, including the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS system as standard.

Accelerator and electronic speed regulator

It is the first time a GS motorcycle has an electronic accelerator. With this accelerator, the driver's intentions are transmitted directly to the engine control unit via a sensor located on the fist. The control unit regulates the throttle electronically. Thanks to the electronic throttle was possible to improve metering and throttle responses. Additionally, the driver can choose from five driving modes (optional equipment), changing the characteristic engine operation in order to adapt to the circumstances of driving. In this way it was possible to include an electronic speed control (optional extra).

Optional Equipment
The new R 1200 GS offers a choice of five driving modes, according to the driver's preferences and in the circumstances of driving. These modes are combined with three different settings of the accelerator and, therefore, many other engine operating modes. This mode selection system is offered as optional factory-fitted equipment. This system is linked automatic stability control ASC (Automatic Stability Control), which has been specifically tailored to the characteristics of an enduro bike. If the customer chooses to purchase this equipment, also anti-lock brake system ABS BMW Motorrad, the ASC system and electronically controlled suspension (assuming the lead bike) agree with the corresponding profiles of the driving modes.

Electronically controlled suspension BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA optional
The new traction control semi-active suspension BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) expands the possibilities of driving and also increases the level of safety and performance of the bike. Dynamic ESA sensor has a vertical travel of the front suspension and another that detects the tour, also vertical, rear suspension. These and other data are used for regulating the suspension based on the dynamic behavior of the bike and the operations performed by the driver, depending on the circumstances in each case. The adaptation of the front and rear suspension is carried out by regulatory valves.

New dual beam chassis steel pipe
The new R 1200 GS is based on a completely new chassis I-beam with continuous steel tubes. The subframe is bolted to the main chassis. With this setup it was possible to significantly increase the torsional stiffness, resulting in a more stable and accurate dynamic behavior of the bike. The sophistication of the chassis geometry leads to a better bike handling and single-sided swingarm ensures better traction.

On the other hand, the new GS R 1200 world premiere tires 120 / 70 R19 (forward) and 170 / 60 R17 (ago) format, designed for highest performance.

Remodeled brake system
Also the brake system of the R 1200 GS underwent a major refurbishment. Now conducts monobloc radial clamping jaws, while the rear brake disc has a larger diameter than the previous version of this model.

Strongly agree with the criterion of 'Safety 360 ° »BMW Motorrad, the new GS also comes standard with BMW Motorrad ABS system, in this case as a smart version.

World's first motorcycle with headlight of LEDs
The headlight 1200 the new R Series GS wearing, has an optimized light output. It has a daytime running light and headlight with integrated light-emitting diode daylight. With this optical group, driving becomes safer, both day and night. In this light the most innovative LED technology is used, with ingenious cooling and thawing.

New electrical system with on-board with Multi-Controller

The new R 1200 GS is equipped with the innovative on-board network, with new division of functions. This system is already used in the six-cylinder models GT and GTL K 1600. With the CAN bus technology (Controller Area Network) bus LIN (Local Interconnected Network), a cable system is obtained much lower compared with conventional systems. The above central electronic unit (EPZ) was divided into two separate control units.

The Multi-Controller, the new GS, allows you to use the navigation system BMW Motorrad Navigator IV more quickly and conveniently. The Multi-Controller is in the inside of the left handlebar. This control unit less distracting to the driver that a control system using keys. Also, do not have to remove his hand from the handlebar grip.

Optimized aerodynamic qualities
The new dome GS R 1200 better protects against wind and rain at the same time, causes less noise. Regulating the position of the dome is made with one hand, using an ergonomic adjustment roll easily accessible.

The seats of the new GS R 1200 have a greater range of adjustment, so comfort is optimal. In the case of the driver's seat can be adjusted height and tilt. The front passenger seat can be adjusted horizontally in order to obtain an optimal distance between the two occupants of the bike. To adjust the height of the handlebar, there is more to rotate. This adjustment operation is very simple. In addition, the support area of ​​the knees in the tank was ergonomically optimized, so that the pilot can control his bike more safely when driving on rough terrain supported in stirrups. The chances of finding the ideal position by the seats are filled with various optional equipment: higher or lower seats, stirrups and adjustable brake levers and change, also adjustable.

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