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20 Jan 2013

New Lexus GS version 250

  • Written by Aitor
New Lexus GS version 250

Lexus launched the GS version 250 with three different finishes and a very competitive standard equipment: browser, screen 12.3 "Mark Levinson audio system, Bi-xenon lights, smart entry, alarm, power seats and alloy wheels 17" . The new GS also incorporates a 250 V6 209 petrol engine with rear CV, which has a combined consumption of 8.9 liters / 100km, and with emissions of 207 g CO2.

The three versions available for the Lexus GS GS 250 Drive 250 are with all the aforementioned standard equipment, incorporating GS250 Plus leather seats, alloy 18 "and parking sensors and 250 GS F Sport version that differs an aesthetic and a sports equipment (wheels 19 "F Sport, power seats with 16 adjustments lumbar and pelvic support, automatic drive beam (AHB), sunroof and suspension AVS mode Driving Sport S + .

Features GS 250

The 4GR V6 2.5-FSE engine with direct injection D-4, develops a maximum power of 209 6400 hp at rpm, and maximum torque of 253 Nm / 4800rpm. It is the engine that currently assembles IS 250 with optimization admission (flowmeter, valves and intake duct) and exhaust (new catalyst to reduce emissions in line with the rules Euro5).

In developing the GS 250, the design team focused on the sound of the motor. It was necessary to own a quiet and peaceful sound of a relaxed driving, but then a stimulant intake and exhaust sound in sporty driving. Both were apparently incompatible.

The team that developed the engine sound V10 LFA, was devoted to this effect, and they did it through a device called Intake Sound Creator. It is a system that increases the sound pressure of the frequencies that are nice to listen to the human ear.

The sound produced during mid-range acceleration is light and relaxed, and stimulating and high-rate sports. Then get a pulsation dampener vibration the engine intake, and amplifies frequencies more pleasing to the ear, through the amplitude of opening a gate.

Gear 6 speed Auto
The gearbox incorporates the volate cams and M mode for manual control. In M mode, the driver can select gears while driving by "+ (UP)" and "- (DOWN)" using the shift lever or steering wheel paddles. The M mode emphasizes the response and feel of sportiness. For example, from the second speed 4 locks the torque converter for direct engine response.

A hydraulic control system performs rapid and precise gear shifting, while at the same time the electronic management controls engine revs at the right level for easy movement and upshift, reaching a transition time exchange only 0,3 seconds. This technique is also used in changing down gears in Sport mode, and Manual (M) mode. To downshift gears faster, revolutions are increased slightly, reducing the time
0.6 change just seconds 0.2 s.

Inside, the main differences are the shifter wrapped in leather, push button, display (no hybrid potentiometer), and cloth seats (available in GS finish 250 Drive).

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