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New technologies (40)

Articles related to new technologies in the automotive world. Catch up on the world of mechanics.

19 June 2013
Pay parking wirelessly with Audi

Audi is expanding the services we offer in the future Audi connect. Currently the system "Audi connect wireless payment", A solution that allows drivers pay the parking fee from your vehicle very practical way is in the testing phase.

30 May 2013
The future of Audi Connect

In the future, the car will be a technological object that allows its user to be always online, even while driving. Audi connect It is the technology that seeks to connect the real world with the digital.

16 May 2013
Volkswagen service app: Driver assistance from Mobile

Volkswagen launches new application Volkswagen Service App, Available for Apple and Android devices, which is designed to provide any useful assistance to drivers. With this application, the mobile phone becomes the best ally of the user in case of accident or when easily locate where is the Official Service Volkswagen closer, and even where the vehicle is parked.

Toyota test an intelligent driver assistance on board warning lights

Toyota held in Toyota City (Japan), from May, road tests of a system of driver assistance, using ITS technology Intelligent Transportation (1) to convey information to vehicles traffic lights. The system is part of a series of systems of care for safe driving (DSSS Driving Safety Support Systems) promoted by the Japanese National Police Agency and sponsored by the Japanese Society of universal traffic management (UTMS Japan).

19 Apr 2013
  • Written by Aitor
New Audi Avant RS6

The new Audi RS Avant 6 560 combines power and engine hp 700 Nm. Developed and manufactured by quattro GmbH, this high performance Avant impresses with its powerful performance and exemplary efficiency. Your V8 biturbo consumes in combined mode, 9,8 liters of fuel 100 km. The weight of the body is reduced through the use of aluminum and high strength steels.

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