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13 November 2012

Save up 5% with the new Volvo Fuel Advice Service

  • Written by Aitor
Save up 5% with the new Volvo Fuel Advice Service

The new Fuel Advice advisory service helps fuel transport companies to slash spending on fuel, thanks to the planning and monitoring of fuel consumption. The results can be translated into long term savings to 5%.

Fuel costs represent between 25 35% and% of total costs of transport companies. In addition, profit margins of carriers are usually very small, which means that any savings, however small, can make a noticeable difference.

"Drivers play a vital role to reduce total fuel consumption of a transport company. Efficient driving courses for drivers have proven effective, but subsequent monitoring by professionals, the results are seen only short term, "says Mikael Lidhage, Director of Fuel Management at Volvo Trucks.

This is the reason that Volvo Trucks has launched the Fuel Advice service. This is a personal adviser whose role is to help the carriers to reduce fuel costs and at the same time maintain these long-term improvements. This service consists of three modules: Fuel Coaching Toolbox and Fuel Management Fuel Management Support. The program requires the carrier to designate a responsible specialist area who fuel efficiency at the same time, serve as the liaison adviser Volvo.

The purpose of this service is to improve the quality of the measures imposed to save fuel. By providing continuous feedback to customers, these measures are implemented naturally.

"A customer involved and focused, with open channels of communication with drivers, fuel specialist in their own company, and Volvo fuel advisor, can easily reduce fuel consumption between a 3 and 5%" says Mikael Lidhage.

The Fuel Advice service is a complement to the current fuel management service of Volvo Trucks, which was initially designed for large transport companies.

"Fuel Advice With even small transport companies can benefit from a personal supervision and have their own advisory fuel" continues Mikael Lidhage.

Fuel Advice is available with the new FH series. Will be available early next year at the latest models equipped with Dynafleet.

Initially, this service is only available in Europe.

Details about the three modules Fuel Advice:

  1. Fuel Coaching (personal trainer on fuel): Fuel counselors recorded and analyzed on driving techniques for each driver, and the data obtained are included in monthly reports. Advisors provide practical advice on how to reduce fuel consumption, and also on the planning and structure of the necessary follow-up. If a driver suddenly changes your driving style so that required urgent information or comments, or perhaps a particular action, responsible fuel company is notified.
  2. Fuel Management Toolbox (Tools Fuel Management) web-based tools that provide inspiration, guidance and practical information on the easiest and best to work and save fuel at the same time forms.
  3. Fuel Management Support: Customer interface to contact your personal fuel advisor, which is available to customers to answer questions and offer advice.
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