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06 Aug 2013

Audi begins offering the LTE connection tandard

  • Written by Aitor
Audi begins offering the LTE connection tandard

Audi begins offering fully integrated system LTE fast data transfer to the car.

It can be ordered as an option in the A from July. Will be available in early November in all other versions of the range. Technology LTE It is very important to Audi connectThe system interconnecting the vehicle with the driver, with the Internet and with the environment.

The new system LTE (Long Term Evolution)allows the exchange of huge amounts of data over the Internet, such as music and movies in HD quality. This new technology achieves data transfer rates of up to 150 Mbit / s downhill compared to 28,8 Mbit / s standard for third generation mobile telephony.

Commercial LTE networks already exist in many European countries and the United States. In Germany, LTE is available in some large cities, But mainly is active in many rural areas. It is expected that the system is fully operational global 2014 late.

To use LTE you only need to insert a SIM card associated with a data flat rate into the slot in the drive MMI navigation plus in the A. When passengers connect their mobile devices to the integrated WLAN point of access in the car, everyone can surf the web independently.

For example, a passenger may participate in a video conference while another watches a video. The system allows up to eight devices or mobile terminals.

El MMI navigation plus using LTE to integrate customized Audi connect services from Google Earth navigation and Google Street View to broadcast Internet radio or traffic information in real time. The social networking services Facebook and Twitter have also been made compatible with the vehicle with built-in pre-reading and pre-defined text blocks. In addition, there are over a dozen Audi connect services including a dictation feature of short text messages (SMS) and reading emails. And the range of services is expanding rapidly.

You can apply LTE technology to the Audi Sportback S3 from this JulyAnd for all other variants of the family A3 from November.

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