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29 Mar 2012

DME: New fuel

  • Written by Aitor

DME (Di-methyl ether) is converted into low-pressure liquid gas. Is easy to handle, similar to propane and it can be extracted from natural gas and different types of biomass. When produced from biomass, known as Bio-DME.

The Bio-DME project aims to assess whether there is a market for Bio-DME applied to vehicles. Now has come halfway this project two years, and preliminary results show that Bio-DME is operational in everyday professional work. If diesel is replaced by the Bio-DME, emissions would be reduced by CO2 95%.

Since the fall of last year, ten Volvo Bio-DME trucks have been running regularly and has now been found that the results exceeded expectations. After traveling 400.000 kilometers has proven that the technology is reliable and efficient.

According to the pilots involved in the test "drive a Bio-DME is as simple as doing a truck conventional diesel.'s A completely new technology and yet we have just experienced technical problems and, what's more, trucks are more stable with Bio-DME in the tank. "

The biofuel project is made of black liquor, a product from the production of wood pulp in the gasification plant in Piteå Chemrec. The production system is constantly working and the possibility of large-scale fuel supply depends largely on incentives for alternative fuels.

"The Bio-DME can also be obtained from other renewable raw materials, and we are convinced that it is a fuel with a future. We have developed a technology that makes it possible to use this fuel for professional work. The greatest challenge for the future is to create the market and the necessary infrastructure for this new fuel, and this requires investment. "He pointed Per Salomonsson, Alternative Fuels Project Manager at Volvo.

Pilot testing will continue until the end of the year, and then an assessment will be made to study the feasibility of a future market for Bio-DME.
The Swedish Energy Agency and the EU Seventh Framework Programme support this project. In addition, Volvo Trucks, Chemrec, Preem Delphi, ETC, Haldor Topsoe and Total.

Advantages of DME
When used in a diesel engine, the Bio-DME provides the same level of efficiency and less noise. Compared with diesel, Bio-DME produces no less than 95% less emissions CO2. Even burns with very few particles and NOX. Therefore, Bio-DME is ideal for diesel engines.

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