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10 June 2014

Ford investigates tomato fiber to develop new sustainable materials

  • Written by Sara Vijandi
Ford investigates tomato fiber to develop new sustainable materials

Two years ago, researchers at Ford and Heinz are investigating the use of fibers in developing tomato sustainable materials for use in the manufacture of vehicles. Dried tomato skin could become a future cover or wiring compartments for coins and other small items in Ford cars.

"Our goal is to develop a lightweight and strong material that meets the needs of the vehicles, while the overall environmental impact is reduced." The researchers seek to develop a plastic 100% vegetable source that can be used throughout the vehicle, from the fabric to packaging and with less environmental impact packaging materials based oil currently used."Although we are in the early stages of the investigation, and we get a lot of questions, we are excited about the possibilities this could produce."

Ford's commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle is part of the company's global strategy to reduce its environmental footprint. In recent years, Ford has increased the use of recycled non-metallic and bio-based materials, such as fiber-reinforced cellulose used in console components and rice husk hoods used in the electrical system, as well as composite materials from coconuts, recycled cotton for carpets and fabric seats or cushions and headrests made of soya foam.

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