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19 Jan 2013

GM has mobile applications for vehicle owners of their brands

  • Written by Aitor
GM has mobile applications for vehicle owners of their brands

General Motors of Mexico presented their mobile apps Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands, which aims to improve the experience of owners of vehicles, through features that solve common problems faced by customers, ease of programming services the Distributor of your choice and show amicably all information concerning your vehicles.

New applications are digital tools that customers of the four brands that have an Apple mobile device (iOS) or Android can customize the information according to your vehicle model.

One of the main advantages of these tools is the "click to call", ie, that through your mobile device, the owner of a GM car can connect to the Distributor of your choice, with the Center for Customer Service or service Roadside Assistance, without searching the phone number. In addition, applications provide maps to find easily and quickly to the nearest Distributor to the current location of the user, making it easier to take the car in for service or repair.

Some applications offer functions are:

  • Owner's Manual. There are two features designed to facilitate reading the owner's manual. A teaser is a digitized manual that allows users to find the information you need to consult.
  • Lights and indicators. Allows users to understand the significant lights and indicators that may occur during the use of your vehicle ordered by colors: in red, which are essential to check for the vehicle to circulate; in orange, those that require revision but not urgently; and in green, those that indicate when a function is activated.
  • Roadside Assistance. Through Telephone native maps, the application displays the user's location and phone Roadside Assistance, which may call giving a single click.
  • Find a Distributor. This tool allows you to find a distributor name, zip code or current location on the map. When you select it is possible to make a call with one click or indications are obtained to reach it.
  • Schedule a service. This button makes sending an email directly to the customer to select Distributor. The email includes the data owner and the vehicle, the service request or repair you want and the time and date of the appointment.
  • Meter. Help users to remember where you left your car parked, it allows you to save pictures and mark a mark on the map. It also has a timer where you can set the time of parking meters or parking lots, for example this function is useful to signal an alarm time courtesy ceiling in a shopping mall.
  • News. This feature allows users to see all the new brand in one place.
  • Mobile site. Allows users to view the mobile site of each brand directly from the application.

The myChevrolet, myBuick, myCadillac myGMC and applications are available to download for free on App Store and Google Play, and provide updated and all 2012 2013 portfolio of brands Mexico GM models information.

To download the application myChevrolet:



To download the application myBuick:



To download the application myGMC:



To download the application myCadillac



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