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11 June 2012

You have reached the future driverless cars!

  • Written by Aitor

The Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR) of the Superior Council of Scientific Citroën unmanned hiciese a journey through the Spanish capital: from El Escorial to Arganda.

To test this technology in real conditions as possible, the test was performed between conductors outside the experiment, at an average speed of 60km / h.

The march was led by "Clavileño" a Citroën Pluriel C3 equipped with a GPS and radio communications, driven by a human. "Platero" a Citroën C3, he was guided by a computer, which drove both the flywheel and brake pedals and throttle, plus calculate the safety distance "Clavileño".

This vehicle can switch to manual driving on failure of the GPS or radio system or problem areas such as tunnels.

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