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09 July 2018

A new concept of car maintenance arrives

  • Written by Aitor
New maintenance concept

Diving online, we have found a new concept when managing the maintenance of our vehicle. It is an integral maintenance service, similar to the one that has already been applied at the business level but with several differences, the first is that in this case it is also applied to individuals, and the second is that the integral maintenance is not performed by a franchise, this maintenance is done through different supervised local workshops that cover all areas of a comprehensive service.

The system, which we can find on the web "Arval for me"At the moment it has been launched as a pilot in Madrid and Barcelona although it will soon be extended to other areas of Spain. It consists of a comprehensive service through local workshops that are supervised by Arval to ensure that they comply with all ethical standards of conduct offering a quality integral service.

Best of all, Arval negotiates special conditions for customers so that they can obtain interesting discounts in all areas covered by the service, including labor and spare parts.

Whether you are a workshop or a user, you can be a beneficiary of this idea since the former can get new customers by joining the workshop network, and the latter can use a local workshop with the guarantee that they will be charged a fair price for the service.

Among the advantages we have observed that are obtained are to receive a direct online budget without passing a previous diagnosis for many operations such as maintenance, change of pills, filling of air conditioning ... This service as we discussed covers virtually all areas of the maintenance of a car, including among other things the tire change, cleaning (which by the way is free if a repair of 250 € or more is made) or any problem with the bodywork.

It is appreciated that today, there are still innovative ideas like these in a sector with so much baggage, which can also be used by all. We hope that the idea is extended as quickly as possible to all of Spain and that way we can all benefit from the idea.

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