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Following its launch at the Geneva Motor 2015, almost a year ago, the Ford Focus RS has begun the final stage of production in the production line in Saarlouis, Germany.

Ford has reported that more than 3.100 car orders have been made only in Europe, although it may seem little is actually a very remarkable figure because it is a car that costs 41.440 euros in Spain, so it is not suitable for all the pockets.

The new Focus RS is the latest model of a famous series whose origins date back to 1967. In addition to being the thirtieth car that carries the legendary RS badge, the new Focus RS maintains the reputation of this type of vehicle for its cutting-edge engineering and design.

Among its range of cutting-edge technologies include the Ford Performance four-wheel drive, the EcoBoost motive technology and the dynamic torque vector control. The combination of all these innovative systems and other features will offer exceptional levels of grip and control in the curves that will result in an unbeatable driving experience.

Designed, built and adjusted precisely, the new Focus RS has four-wheel drive and spectacular performance. At the heart of this new vehicle will be an EcoBoost engine of 2,3 liters of gasoline that has been specially adjusted to produce more than 320 CV.

Performance Ford plans are ambitious for Europe. With the Fiesta and Focus ST collecting critical acclaim and commercial success of the Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang, 2016 is expected to increase net sales from existing units to 29.000 41.000.

In the attached video you can see an explanation (in English) by Ben Collins about the operation and driving of the vehicle.

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Two years ago, researchers at Ford and Heinz are investigating the use of fibers in developing tomato sustainable materials for use in the manufacture of vehicles. Dried tomato skin could become a future cover or wiring compartments for coins and other small items in Ford cars.

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Ford looking to run a pilot in the Jarama circuit and the next days 6 7 July, would you be you?

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10 Tue 2012

The Ford B-MAX introduced as a prototype at the Geneva Motor Show last 2010 on its way in its developed, to be presented to society in Geneva this version.

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