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The new Volvo FMX Volvo FL and now have cabin crew for fire equipment, rescue equuipos or technical assistance.

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V trucks has launched a new range of engines (€ 6) Going from the smallest engine for medium-duty vehicles 5 liters to liter variant 13 for heavy vehicles. From spring 2014, trucks Volvo will also have a motor € 6 16 liter of driveline I-Torque 13 liter engine.

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The app is designed to make the most of 20.000 members Worldtrucker, They can share with other drivers, more quickly and easily, your experiences.

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Volvo Trucks and Shell have signed an agreement to collaborate internationally in the introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as commercial fuel in heavy trucks. Based on technology from Volvo MetanoDiésel where trucks can use LNG in diesel engines, and experience in LNG and investments in infrastructure ShellBoth companies coordinate their activities and support each other to expand the use of LNG in the transport sector.

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A Spanish transport company has recently added to its fleet a new vehicle Volvo Methane Diesel, powered with an engine liquefied natural gas (LNG). The carrier, called Monfort, and has a self service station dispensing LNG and CNG (compressed natural gas).

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After the paparazzi contest to capture the first photo of the new Volvo FMVolvo Trucks now has the truck in society. New features incorporating the Volvo FMA cab driver improved and innovative Dynamic Volvo address include enhancing properties premier driving the truck.

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The new generation of Volvo FH trucks has a new set of components and technical solutions, so it has had to overcome some very stringent quality tests based on the future needs of drivers.

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For drivers, loading and unloading trucks is an activity that takes time. That's why Volvo Trucks has developed the Remote Control, which makes it simple system. The benefits translated and reduced costs for transport companies and a better working environment for drivers.

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19 Nov 2012

Would you like to win a Volvo C30? The page lots among people who register for free to promote and answer a simple survey, this spectacular car.

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The new Fuel Advice advisory service helps fuel transport companies to slash spending on fuel, thanks to the planning and monitoring of fuel consumption. The results can be translated into long term savings to 5%.

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