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27 Tue 2013

New Volvo FM truck, Volvo Trucks

  • Written by Aitor
New Volvo FM truck, Volvo Trucks

After the paparazzi contest to capture the first photo of the new Volvo FMVolvo Trucks now has the truck in society. New features incorporating the Volvo FMA cab driver improved and innovative Dynamic Volvo address include enhancing properties premier driving the truck.

"The Dynamic Address Volvo is a premier technical innovation. Benefits the truck driver in any operating condition to create an environment more safe, comfortable and enjoyable. On motorways, the dynamic steering system offers superb directional stability. Even at low speed, drive a truck heavily loaded so easy that you can operate the wheel with minimal effort, "says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, on the new Volvo FM.

The improved suspension is another update that helps provide an excellent road. The new FM Volvo has also improved its roll stability and includes I-See, system that can reduce power consumption as much as diesel 5%.

Moreover, its low weight, its new axle configurations, greater flexibility in the chassis and clear interfaces for bodybuilders allow the customer to customize the truck to adapt perfectly to every job. Furthermore, the quality of the components attached to the advanced telematic control allows different components, makes Volvo Trucks to ensure the truck owner the maximum uptime.

Maximum attention focused on the driver
The environment inside the cabin has been designed around the driver. As a result, we have obtained an environment of effective, safe and ergonomic working with a larger space for the driver and increased storage capacity.

Another novelty is the possibility to download the new "My Truck" application, which allows the driver to control and remotely monitor some of the functions of the truck.

The new Volvo FM is offered with a full range of engines and 11 13 liter Euro 6 meet requirements, which take effect in early 2014.

El Volvo FM will be presented for the first time in the fair's commercial vehicle 2013 Birmingham in April. Production for European customers starting in September 2013.

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