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27 February 2013

New Nissan Note

  • Written by Aitor

The new Nissan Note offers an innovative design and technological advances that were previously only available in the premium segment and the Safety Shield combining the warning of the presence of vehicles in the blind spot (Blind Spot Warning), notice of involuntary change lanes (Lane Departure Warning) detector and moving objects (Moving Object Detection) system Nissan Connect waterway transport , and systems efficiency and Star / Stop function.

The new Nissan Note technologies has so far never seen in small vehicles, such as vision camera system 360 º, a system that eliminates stress on parallel parking maneuvers and reverse.

Using four different cameras, 5,8 inch screen mounted on the dashboard an overhead projected image that helps the driver to visually confirm the position of the car in relation to the environment in which it is facilitating maneuvers. This system is complemented in the Nissan Note with shield Nissan Safety Shield, Available at a very affordable price. This system differs from the competition because you only need to run the images captured by the rear camera AVM, while other systems use expensive radar systems and front cameras for similar functions.

Nissan Safety Shield
As indicated above the Nissan Safety Shield consists of three technologies: notice of the presence of vehicles in the blind spot (Blind Spot Warning), Notice of involuntary change lanes (Lane Departure Warning) detector and moving objects (Moving Object Detection).

Reporting vehicle presence in the blind spot, use the back camera to detect vehicles in blind spots on both sides of Nissan Note. If a vehicle in any of them, a warning light illuminates on the glass of the corresponding side view mirror is detected. If the driver indicates it will change lanes with intermittent and the system detects the presence of the vehicle in the area of ​​danger on that side, the light flashes and a perfectly audible warning sound is generated.

Notice of involuntary change lanes detects if the car is departing from the lane in which circulates. Instead of a camera mounted on the front windshield or the radar system is usually used for this function, Nissan Note uses only the back camera and a series of advanced computer programs to detect the lines marking the lanes in all light conditions to determine whether the car is leaving the channel through which circulates without having indicated by the flashing. If that happens, the driver is warned to correct their position on the road. The system automatically adjusts the sensitivity when driving on country roads to allow for different types of driving.

The moving object detector provides a digital co driver that helps you see any object or person that comes close to Nissan Note when flows reverse. While conventional parking assistance systems only detect objects within its path, the Moving Object Detection provides visual and audible alerts if someone or something move behind the car, for example, if a child approaches the Note when it reverse flows. Mounted on the door and provided with a convex lens, camera security shield Safety Shield has a viewing angle of more than 180 degrees, which provides a view of all that is behind the car. The camera images are shown in 5,8 inch screen Nissan Connect system.

As the three technologies Safety Shield depend on the camera mounted on the tailgate, to maintain a clear image is essential. To do this, engineers Nissan have developed the perfect solution: an integrated cleaning and drying of the camera system. Sophisticated algorithms analyze the image and identify any contamination present in the chamber. If necessary, a small stream of clean water and a rear lens jet of dry compressed air to avoid leaving drops. So pack the security functions are always operational regardless of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Nissan Note includes new navigation system Nissan Connect Bluetooth and audio equipment. The navigation software is to Google ® 'Send to Car' that allows you to plan routes and transfer them to drive home. It also has online services including points of interest (POI) from Google ® and fuel prices in the nearest well as weather information and flight service stations.

As for the technologies that power efficiency, all versions of Nissan Note will be equipped as standard with the stop / start system that offers figures CO2 very low emissions, from 95g / km. This efficiency is complemented by the high performance of advanced petrol and diesel engines.

Exterior design of the new Nissan Note
The new Nissan Note is inspired by the shape and design of the Invitation concept car, unveiled at the Geneva 2012. Silhouette lines show the care of their aerodynamic performance. The European model of Nissan Note design will have its own front and rear ones too specific housing the side markers.

Built on the light platform of V NissanThe new Notes combines a generous wheelbase with short overhangs. The side of the car is characterized by a line marked 'Squash Line', whose name is inspired by the rapid movement of squash balls as they fly around the track.

The front combines with a sculpted grille and headlights interconnected surfaces. On the side steps and wheel marked line of crystals in gentle ascent, reinforce your design.

Dynamic package design has black accents around the headlights and grille inlets and outlets and has larger air and sculpted both front and rear bumpers.

Interior design of the new Nissan Note
The new Nissan Note offers the versatility of the previous Note with premium quality finishes, high-tech equipment and a leading practicality in its segment.

The dashboard is designed according to European tastes ensuring clarity in presenting the most appropriate manner all data affecting driving and two advanced econometers. A witness echo pedal shows the percent efficiency of the use of the accelerator by the driver while the general econometer offers a very specific visual guide savings achieved in each movement in real time.

The interior of Notes has been designed and built to give occupants a comfortable and refined environment. The blue lights econometer give the interior a relaxed atmosphere.

The sliding rear bench allows owners allocate the space for passengers and luggage, double deck, depending on the needs.

Engine and transmission Nissan Note

The new Notes will be offered in four engine variants and transmissions with emissions from just 2 CO95 g / km. The stop-start system smart Nissan will be standard on all versions to increase efficiency and minimize emissions CO2.

The two new petrol engines have a displacement of Note 1.198 cc are two units of three cylinders and valves 12, lightweight, compact and high efficiency. The disadvantages usually a three-cylinder engine are avoided associated with the introduction of numerous engineering innovations. These include a counter rotating shaft in the crank pulley eliminating vibration generated by vertical movement of the piston. Consequently, this advanced engine has the same levels of refinement than a four-cylinder unit.

The engine has access 1.2 power 80 CV to 6.000 rpm and torque of 110 4.000 Nm rpm. That translates into a combined fuel economy of 4,7 l / 100 km, and emissions of CO2 of 109 g / km.

Next in the range innovative 1.2 DIG-S engine which yields a CV 98 5.600 142 rpm and torque Nm at rpm 4.400. This advanced engine offers the economy of a traditional diesel, but provides an experience similar to steering a four-cylinder gasoline engine medium. Among the interesting features of this engine is the presence of a compressor. Equipped with an electronic clutch, the engine can be switched off when driving at low speed, which improves economy and reduces unnecessary friction within the engine.

To reduce inefficient power loss in the engine operating system, the latter rotates according to the Miller cycle. By allowing the intake valve remains open for a longer time with an increase in compression ratio, the compression inside the piston becomes more efficient.

Combined, these innovations make the DIG-S 1.2 efficient and resilient motor. Despite its high performance, emissions are only CO2 99 g / km with manual gearbox (119 g / km with the CVT transmission). Fuel consumption is 4,3 l / 100 km (manual transmission) on the combined cycle.

Completing the range of the engines meet the revised Note turbodiesel 1.5. This propeller 90 CV of the Renault-Nissan Alliance emits only 95 g / km of CO2 with an average consumption of 3.6 l / 100 km.

Ranges of the new Nissan Note

The new Note will be launched in three finishes; Visia, Acenta and Tekna. All versions will have stop-start system, six airbags and cruise control with limiter.

Intermediate Acenta versions added air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and rear power windows while the more equipped Tekna proposed package Safety Shield, the Nissan Connect, 360 view camera, a mixed-leather upholstery and keyless entry i-key.

Production of the new Notes begin in the summer and the first deliveries are planned it, depending on the markets from autumn 2013.

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