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19 September 2012

New Peugeot RCZ

  • Written by Aitor

Peugeot increases the exclusivity of its sports coupe RCZ by expanding palette of color combinations and materials both exterior and interior. Now you can be unique RCZ.

2010 In April, the RCZ went from dream to reality after only two and a half years, thanks to the determination of the Peugeot teams. Next year will showcase a version of THP 1.6 260 CV, sportier if possible, anticipated by the "R RCZ Concept" presented at the Paris Motor 2012.

Adapted for competition from 2010 Diesel engine hp HDi FAP 200, won in the category D2T 1 occasions (diesel 1.700 to 2.000 cm3) in 24 Hours Nürburgring. In 2012, Sport Peugeot RCZ Racing Cup launched the petrol engined versions 1.6 THP "sprint" of 250 CV and "resistance" 260.

More emotional power

Leaning on his undeniable success and less than 3 years after its commercial launch, the iconic Peugeot coupe adopts a new distinctive identity to embody more than ever the evolution towards the top of the range brand and slogan Peugeot MOTION & EMOTION . The new RCZ will be sold during the first quarter of 2013.

The renewal of the RCZ is translated, first, in its new design, more modern, more upscale and truly unique. An unpublished, athletic and fluid, front combines perfectly with the tail fins and the curves of the roof with double bulge. This new synergy between the front and the rear, gives a completely new body reading.

The bonnet suggests greater compactness and receive, the new bi-material emblem of Peugeot, shiny and glossy, located directly on the body.

Taking center, subtle and elegant look is enhanced by satin chrome beading 2 finely polished like "katana blades." Both suggest strength and refinement.

The new grille is highlighted by a lower air intake that extends at each end, in a light signature, visible both day and night. This signature consists 6 LED subtly carved claw behind smoked glass that melts in bright black set.

The new RCZ adopts a look of flowing contours, to modern art and time, with a new halogen headlights framed on a background of xenon directional aluminum or titanium in background.

The set provides a new stamp RCZ: well balanced on the wheels and ready to devour the tarmac, and a unique identity, an alliance of mechanical strength and expression of the senses.

The pure fluid and dashboard design, fully lined in a soft-touch, high-value technical and material fits perfectly into the distinctive world of this coupe. The use of quality materials combined with the most elegant ways to contribute to the atmosphere of the whole.

Inside, the quality is felt in every detail: the knob of the gearshift lever, shines in black paint color, the door panels are finished with leather inserts, in conjunction with the Club Seat Leather / Alcantara Leather Club or Integral Leather, two aluminum inserts wear binding dash center console with options or Integral Leather Leather Club.

A practical car for everyday

The RCZ knows to be practical. It has a trunk with 384 liter capacity, which several holes under the floor (over 30 Extra L) was added. The shot of the back of the two rear seats raises additional capacity to 760 liter car.

Exterior Tuning

The new RCZ has many customization elements: a new option in jonquils grill painted black instead of the chrome satin series reeds to give a different look to the front the RCZ; 3 colors for the arc to aluminum series and the Arena, now adds the Mate Black; a new Black Pack which includes the new arcs and splines Black Matte black grill with black brake calipers and exterior mirrors of the same color; Stickers 3 new types of bodywork: a wide central band that crosses the black shiny car sidebands at the level of the underbody gray and red with the name "RCZ" and an off silver gray band running through the car; two roof options Matte or Glossy carbon are maintained; 18 wheels "standard colors available 3 Classic (standard), Dark Grey (two-tone diamond / dark gray) or Full Pirit Grey (medium gray); 19 rims "shades Sortilège available 3 Classic, Midnight Silver (dark gray), Mat Black Onyx (matte black); 19 wheels "Solstice in 2 colors, Anthra Grey (two-tone diamond / dark gray) or Mat Black Onyx (bi-tone diamond / black); the new wheels 2 19 "Technical, diamond two-tone, original, modern and sculptural 2 available colors Grey (dark gray) and Héphaïs (medium gray); a Pack Sport, standard on THP 200 CV, which includes a smaller diameter steering wheel a short shifter and Sound System for gasoline engines.

Colours and trim

The color palette consists of shades 8, 2 of them new. Al White Opal, Pearl White, Perla Nera Black, Grey Sidobre, Haria Grey and Blue Tuanake the Guaranja Brown (dark brown, very chic) ​​and the Red Erythrée added.

The new RCZ allows further customization with an offer of 12 trim for the interior:

- Fabric upholstery Black Maille Marston Tramontane Series

- A new leather-fabric combination, mixing Mistral Nappa leather (black) with fabric 3D Koto Grey fabric and Omni Mistral

- A new proposal Club Leather / Alcantara, available in shades 2 Mistral / Storm (Black and gray) or Cohiba / Morning (shades of brown)

- The Nappa Leather Club Frisson and evolve Lama proposed bi-tone to visually enhance the appearance baquet seat as the new two-tone leather Cohiba (brown). The Nappa Leather Club Mistral (black) is maintained in the range

- These proposals 4 Leather Club are also available as Integral Leather dashboard and door trims fully lined in leather.

Modern Engines and responsible

Its range of efficient engines, both in performance and consumption and emissions CO2 has also been remodeled:

- L HDi FAP 2.0 120 kW (163 CV) Euro 5, 340 Nm, manual gearbox gears of 6 - CO2: 139 g / km and 5,3 l / 100 km;

- L THP 1.6 115 kW (156 CV) Euro 5, 240 Nm, manual gearbox gears of 6 - CO2: 149 g / km and 6,4 l / 100 km;

L-THP 1.6 115 kW (156 CV) Euro 5, 240 Nm, automatic gear changes 6 - CO2: 168 g / km and 7,3 l / 100 km;

L-THP 1.6 147 kW (200 CV) Euro 5, 275 Nm, manual gearbox gears of 6 - CO2: 155 g / km and 6,7 l / 100 km.

Sensations and steering precision

The Peugeot RCZ has effective platform 2 suspensions (pseudo McPherson front axle and rear axle torsion beam).

Multiplying the effectiveness of the whole, has a center of gravity and a point of very low inertia, wide roads and generous equipment tires (18 "or 19").

The moveable rear wing also adds to this efficiency, unfolding in two positions depending on the speed of the car to ensure stability.

Moreover, the RCZ equipped with CV 200 THP engine, the front axle incorporates a specific lower reinforcement bar in order to give the car an even more live performance and ensuring quicker, of course, impressive stability.

The Sound System technology

This system emits a controlled and amplified by an acoustic duct at the rate of acceleration and maintaining a low noise level in the long-distance motor.

New standard or optional equipment

The new RCZ series now has an acoustic windscreen and Visibility Pack includes automatic wipers, automatic headlights ignition, anti-glare mirror and lighting support and welcome the open doors.

Telematics range WIP (World In Peugeot) is enriched with WIP Nav Plus, in addition to the WIP Sound and WIP Com 3D.

The WIP Nav Plus integrates different functions:

- A browser widescreen 7 "in 16 / 9 (WVGA high-resolution x 800 480 pixels) format with a perspective and a map of Europe (stored in its internal memory)

- A reader compatible with CD front MP3

- A tri-band antennas 2, Infotrafic receive RDS-TMC (ViaMichelin in France, Britain TraficMaster) Radio

- Bluetooth ® connection for hands-free phone function and streaming audio;

- A jack and a USB jack in the center armrest

- Information from the speed limit in force on the main roads.

© Arkamys audio processing

Another novelty is offered in WIP Sound and WIP Nav Plus RCZ systems is the availability of Arkamys © software, which manages the digital audio signal to recreate a natural soundstage. The sound quality is not influenced by the situation of the speakers in the doors (which often results in a low, lateral sound): the instruments and voices are positioned in a more harmonious way throughout the interior space, before passengers and windshield height. This system also allows you to select a listening mode for the driver when traveling alone or for all passengers.

The emergency call, always a step ahead

With regard to tertiary safety, Peugeot deployed 2010 world premiere without additional cost for the entire RCZ range, Peugeot Connect SOS services (emergency call) and Peugeot Connect Assistance. These, free and unlimited use, services are standard on 3 telematics systems: WIP Sound and WIP NAV Plus thanks to a localized communication unit (BTA) and WIP Com 3D through SIM card reader.

The Peugeot Connect SOS service of the Brand is one of the pioneers and leaders in Europe, can be obtained manually or automatically (when operated airbags). Accurately locates the vehicle and activates sending the appropriate emergency services for rapid intervention.

It launched in 2003, Peugeot emergency call, is available in more than 720.000 Peugeot vehicles in circulation and has already assisted over 5.870 people (figure in late June 2012).

Its geographical deployment continues, and is available in 12 countries across Europe today.

"RCZ R Concept"

The "R RCZ Concept" is presented during the Paris Motor Show. In a matte black and copper, combined with other salon concept car, the supercar "Onyx". The "R RCZ concept" heralds a future much sportier version that will be launched late next year.

The teams of Peugeot Sport and PSA Group Development worked together to adapt the technologies used in the model competition series to actually make this car concept.

Your new engine 1.6l THP 260 CV, will turn you into the most powerful model series in the history of Peugeot. A specific power of more than 160 CV / liter, one of the highest in the world in a production car, and emissions of CO2 about 155 g / km, will put you in a log unprecedented efficiency.

According to this engine, specific suspension with a Torsen limited slip differential promise efficiency, and dynamic sensations very high level.

An outside firm and specific interior treatment will characterize this version of great dynamic efficiency and allow you to offer intense driving sensations really.

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