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19 June 2013

Pay parking wirelessly with Audi

  • Written by Aitor
Pay parking wirelessly with Audi

Audi is expanding the services we offer in the future Audi connect. Currently the system "Audi connect wireless payment", A solution that allows drivers pay the parking fee from your vehicle very practical way is in the testing phase.

The new payment service "Audi connect wireless payment"Facilitates the operation of payment parking, Often requiring the driver first collect a parking ticket, and then search the machine for payment, which is not always at hand or close to the vehicle, integrating wireless payment in the vehicle as a service over Audi connectIn the line of navigation systems with Google Earth and Google Street View, which are currently available.

During the testing phase, in which 13.000 vehicles involved, communicates with the car parking facilities by a radio frequency transmitter RFID. For this purpose the vehicle is equipped with a wireless transponder mounted inside the windshield. To activate the service, the user must register online parking through a web page using the number of transmitter vehicle.

The Economic Development Agency-IFG Ingolstadt provides the service, which operates nine underground parking and car parks in the city, with a total capacity 6.200 21 and inputs and outputs. Participants in the project being tested will receive a detailed monthly bill IFG all expenses, and the amount is charged to the user's bank account by a

All employees of Audi who lease a new vehicle in the coming months may participate in the pilot. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the user receives the kit for remote payment system, including your wireless identification. At year's end, all users parking Ingolstadt may benefit from the advantages of this system.

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