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07 September 2012

Peugeot Launches New 208 GTI

  • Written by Aitor

Peugeot Launches 208 GTi, GTi engine which integrates with the comfort, versatility and livability.

Improvements including 208 GTi wide avenues 10 mm higher in the front and 20 mm at the rear, a body wrapping closer to the wheels and low cash and flared wheel arches expressing included Visually the potential of this car.

It also includes changes in the halogen headlamps equipped with a light guide generation flat-guide. These rectangular headlights worked internal structure use LED technology for the turn signals and daytime running lights.

The headlamps frame a specific grid. The glossy black grille catches the eye with its bright chrome inserts that reinvent the sport checkered under 3D format.

Inside the new GTI 208
Every detail has been carefully preserved both outside and inside. This aspect is obvious from the opening of the doors when the aluminum threshold appears in the firm Peugeot.

Inside, across the top of dark colors reign, the side of the dashboard has been covered in semi-TEP (semicuero) and the seams have been highlighted in the Seat and specific details. The proposed GTi 208 indoors only in accordance with its red color.

Great restraint seats, the driver and co-host in the warmth of leather and leather steering wheel, the bellows of the gear lever, the handbrake lever. The armrests of the doors and the side of the dashboard, also have been upholstered in semi-TEP. The instruments are framed by a satin chrome LED backlit, while the needles are moved on a background of brushed aluminum. The pedals and footrest are also made of aluminum.

The exterior of the new GTI 208
The body is definitely sporty. Spanning the shiny black rear apron, exhaust ends in a double chrome trapezoidal output. The rear pillar trim proudly displays the GTi logo in bright chrome highlighted in red. Regardless of the chosen body color, red splashed completely: brake calipers, lower grille molding, Peugeot name at the gate and on the grill.

The set is subtly enhanced by touches of bright chrome frames fog lamps, top trim grille and mirror housings.

Features of the new GTI 208
The address has been regulated to gain strength, and trace the front axle to perfection while the rear axle path closes ideally.

Shod with 205 / 45, the Carbone 17'' rims, diamond and guinea staying 302 mm ventilated front and behind 249 mm cooled ram-air intakes to ensure an incisive brake discs.

The petrol engine sounds 1.6 THP 200 CV online via a modified exhaust. Coupled to a gearbox six-speed with shorter developments, the engine delivers the quintessential chassis. With a maximum torque of 275 Nm and maximum power of 147 kW (200 CV), the GTi 208 2 presents accelerations and recoveries of first order. The 0 to 100 km / h is folded within seconds and 7 1.000 meters standing start is made in 27 seconds. Recoveries are of a similar level and passes GTi 208 80 to 120 km / h in less than 7 seconds in fifth gear. These benefits are the result of lightening the car. With just 1.160 kg, the GTi emits only 208 145 CO2 g / km.

A Limited Edition GTi 208
The Peugeot has developed a Limited Edition available only 50 units. Dressed in a color exclusive Pearl White Satin, this small series rests on alloy wheels with diamond-17'' Black Onyx paint coated with a layer of gloss varnish. In the center are decorated with aluminum screw cap with red frame. The bottom bar of the grid, also in white, displays the colors of the French flag. Inside, owners will have their lucky and pack HiFi browser. Each vehicle includes a numbered limited edition plaque.

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