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14 July 2012

Peugeot: a new generation of three-cylinder engines

  • Written by Aitor

Reaches the new generation of Peugeot engines 3 cylinders, which represents a real revolution in terms of consumption and emissions CO2 maintaining a high level of performance.

Released by 208 these engines, known by the internal code EB have been fully developed by the PSA Group. Born as a result of an ambitious specification released in 2008 which fixed the objectives of reducing emissions and consumption CO2, compactness and weight optimization, as well as a good level of benefits guaranteed by a specific power of nothing Unless 50 kW / liter. Therefore, in relation to a cylinder 4 equivalent power, the weight of the new cylinders 3 1.2 liter VTi has decreased 21 kilos, while consumption and emissions have decreased CO2 25%.

Efficient technologies
Friction losses account for about one fifth of the power consumed by a motor and, therefore, represent an important development axis. Thus, in the new blocks are down EB 30% through the use of different technologies:

- Diamond Like Carbon coating on the axes of the pistons, and the pusher segments

- Distribution wet strap integrated into a casing, which improves operating silently and whose useful life is equivalent to that of the car itself

- Offset of the pistons

As if that were not enough, the combustion is optimized by improving the aerodynamics of the chambers (intake manifolds, pistons heads) and adaptation on an operation with a high percentage of waste gases (IGR) .

The head, made of aluminum alloy, is provided with 4 valves per cylinder, incorporating indirect multipoint injection and continuously variable timing on both inlet and exhaust (VVT). In addition, this stock is manufactured according to the PMP-lost mold processing at the plant of Charleville, which is one of the few in the world capable of carrying out such a sophisticated system of construction. This industrial process reduces the number of parts and the volume of the whole, in the EB engine, the exhaust manifold, the output module cooling and engine mounts are integrated into the cylinder head.

New 3 cylinder engines have an oil pump variable flow, electronically controlled to constantly operate at optimum pressure. Moreover, to take the engine temperature and thus reduce the antesposible emissions CO2, cooling is Split Cooling rate. Thus, in implementation, the cylinder head and cylinder block function with different cooling circuits, so that the latter gain temperature faster. Furthermore, VTi 1.2 l is equipped with a balancing shaft counter rotating improving the sound and vibration comfort.

The combination of architectural and re-generation of this new generation engine allows 3 208 cylinders offer a range of petrol engines that start in 99 g / km of CO2 and 4,3 l / 100 km in the combined cycle, which a reduction of 46 2 g l / 100 km for engine access to the range. These atmospheric indirect injection engines developed respectively in the cases of 1.0 l VTi and VTi 1.2 l, maximum power and 50 60 kW (68 82 and CV) to 6.000 rpm and maximum torque of 95 3.000 Nm at rpm and 118 2.750 nm rpm.

The folder with 52 registered this new family of engines patent makes clear the used industrial and technological skills. Of the patents mentioned, refer to 23 engine architecture and its peripherals, 20 to the engine and the remaining 9 processes and tools specific manufacturing.

Some 3 cylinders that anticipate future regulations

Throughout 2013 the 208 range also completed with the arrival of a version equipped with STOP & START 1.2 l VTi engine that equipped with a box of piloted changes will lower emissions CO2 until 95 g / km.

Subsequently, following a steady evolution, other developments come as supercharging and direct injection. Indeed, from the beginning of their development, these engines were intended to comply with future regulations, in particular the Euro 6.

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