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23 Jan 2013

Peugeot also ensures PIVE Plan

  • Written by Aitor
Peugeot also ensures PIVE Plan

As they did previously Nissan y ToyotaPeugeot gets into the car and announces the extension of the additional discount of € 1.000 through the following press release:

"The response has been positive PIVE plan, depleted the funds available for this action before the planned end date. Peugeot Spain, in this situation, maintaining the guaranteed discount 1.000 euros individuals, corresponding to PIVE plan, ensuring peace and customer confidence.

The conditions to access this discount 1.000 euros, which will benefit individual clients are the same basis as set forth above to enjoy PIVE plan.

The consequences of this plan have been held both by industry and by customers, and since the end of funding was announced requests for expansion have happened. Peugeot Spain, aware of this situation, now extending this discount.

By this action, Peugeot Spain continues to propose formulas that stimulate the market and facilitate the renewal of the fleet, ensuring in turn set the transaction price, and decreasing the end consumer spending. "

The funny thing is that the date of completion of the extension, in the case of some brands end on January 31 is indicated, although the PIVE had stipulated last until March 31 2013.

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