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Promotions (21)

Articles on different promotions related to the world of automotive, cars and motorcycles.

27 May 2013
Peugeot review the free air conditioning system in Spain

Although the weather did not accompany, summer is just around the corner, and so, Peugeot has launched a series of promotions among which is the review free HVAC system customers of their official duties.

17 May 2013
Toyota offers extra equipment for euro 1

Toyota offers the best-selling models, Yaris, Auris, To y AvensisWith a higher level of equipment for just € 1 additional. The estimated market value of the equipment to be added to the vehicle for just € 1 2.000 is between € and € 5.500 depending on the model and the chosen finish.

22 Tue 2013
Peugeot launches campaign facing discount Easter

Peugeot during March will continue to offer free insurance for a year breakdowns to conduct the review in official services and also deducted up 70% on the purchase of second air. If you make an appointment you can do so through the official website using a simple

Citrovitaminas, Citroën gives discount checks and 20 30 € €

Citroën Citrovitaminas launch a new campaign that gives 5.000 checks discounts of € 20 30 or services through internet sales and that will benefit both vehicle users Citroën as any brand.

25 Jan 2013
The Nissan Leaf reduces its price to € 33.900

Nissan has decided to reduce the price 3.000 € 100% electric car Nissan LEAF in European markets. In addition to this reduction in factory price, customers will also benefit from financing offers in local markets. The price change applies imminently before arrival this summer of an updated version of the Nissan LEAF.

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