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07 June 2013

Audi despreocúpate take your car to the ITV

  • Written by Aitor
Audi despreocúpate take your car to the ITV

Audi Service has created a free service that will allow its customers to pay the fee for the ITV and not worry about all the paperwork and negotiations. The service includes check and preliminary analysis of the vehicle and transfers to the ITV station, handling all the paperwork. The client will only have to deal with fees and collect your vehicle on the dealer or Audi partner.

The new service includes a pre-ITV totally free review. It will perform a thorough check of the vehicle, in which the same control points that will be checked during the technical review will analyze ITV.

A review that begins with an external examination, including body, signaling and lighting system. Later he will go to the security check (brakes, steering, front and rear axles, suspension, chassis and engine).

If the pre-MOT test any fault is found, this service also
offers a discount of at least one 10% in spare parts, if one were to
any repair.

Once the Audi Service team has examined the vehicle and any anomalies corrected, remove to be responsible for the ITV station where technical inspection procedures will be completed. Audi will manage all the paperwork even arrange day and time to conduct the review ITV without the customer having to worry about anything.

Audi launches campaign after the Traffic Department detected a 6,2% of vehicles on Spanish roads had not passed the corresponding revision, or had not remedied the defects detected during the inspection.

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