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13 Nov 2012

Volkswagen Winter Offers

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen Winter Offers

Come winter, the temperature drops, snows and the roads freeze. At this time it is imperative that vehicles are in good condition to overcome inclement safely.

For this reason, Volkswagen is launching a series of deals that include winter maintenance alternatives to improve the visibility of vehicles, maintenance and wear deals, fast painting, and a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed especially for this time of year .

In offers visibility offered for free the headlight adjustment and adaptation to the safety regulations permanently daylighting. On the other hand lamps Nightvision system, which improves the intensity and scope of lighting can also offer, as well as the replacement of traditional acrylic plates for a generation.

Regarding offers maintenance and wear, Volkswagen offers 70% discount on the second tire (on top brands), plus a full security check, change the antifreeze liquid, tablets, disks and brake fluid as well as in the replacement of shock absorbers, brushless, battery and timing belt.

Meanwhile, fast painting packages are the best option to correct minor imperfections and scratches cheaply and quickly, because they can occur in parallel with other interventions.

In addition, Volkswagen offers its customers a selection of original Volkswagen as child seats, chains, holding skis and rubber mats, all designed specifically for Volkswagen models.

In addition, customers with vehicles over 5 years can enjoy a wide range of Economy Packages, with parts designed specifically for your vehicle, with all the Volkswagen quality at a more than affordable price.

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