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22 Mar 2013

Peugeot launches campaign facing discount Easter

  • Written by Aitor
Peugeot launches campaign facing discount Easter

Peugeot during March will continue to offer free insurance for a year breakdowns to conduct the review in official services and also deducted up 70% on the purchase of second air. If you make an appointment you can do so through the official website using a simple

During Holy Week many car trips are made. Given this situation and to improve the safety of their clients Peugeot has launched a series of promotional activities. First, the program remains in March "Peugeot Tranquility"Bid launched last month by which his customers could perform a review of their vehicles at prices from € 110 and also received one year of free insurance breakdowns Brand.

Secondly, as in this kind of tire paths are one of the elements subject to wear, Peugeot now offers a special discount of 70% on the purchase of the second tire and 10 euro free fuel by buying a pair of tires and 20 by purchasing the full game. This takes also associated newspaper Rural Getaway Sweepstakes for customers.

Also Peugeot will offer special promotions for changing brake pads, etc. distribution kit. for vehicles over 5 years. All these operations can be financed by Banque PSA these through the website Peugeot .

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