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27 May 2013

Peugeot review the free air conditioning system in Spain

  • Written by Aitor
Peugeot review the free air conditioning system in Spain

Although the weather did not accompany, summer is just around the corner, and so, Peugeot has launched a series of promotions among which is the review free HVAC system customers of their official duties.

Peugeot also offer the following interventions at reasonable prices: recharge air conditioner a fixed price of EUR 39, cabin filter replacement from 30 euros; treatment space (no odor of bacterial origin: snuff, animals, food waste, pollution, mold and moisture) from 20 euros and antibacterial treatment (removal of bacteria of the air conditioning system) from 25 euros.

And thanks to this action, Peugeot gives off a check for the full value of any of the above interventions redeemed at the next service. This check is valid for six months and the discount will be subject to a minimum amount of intervention to be specified in the document itself.

This campaign will be available until next August 31.

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