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Audi has launched the pilot for the production of Audi e-diesel plant in Dresden. The sunfire plant requires carbon dioxide, water and electricity as raw materials.

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26 November 2014

The Audi RS Q3 and Q3, premiered many technical developments concerning motor design, equipment and undercarriage. Want to know more thoroughly? Do not miss this article!

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The third generation Audi TT Coupe car will reach the UK showrooms this September. Initially it will be sold with two engines, one petrol and one diesel, both two-liter engine with a power of 230 184 CV and CV.

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In the last ten years, Audi has presented different prototypes with TDI engines of four, six, eight, ten and twelve cylinders. Do you remember?

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Audi customers can now also configure your vehicle from your mobile phone. Thanks to new Free App Audi ConfiguratorIt is possible to choose the desired model, her body, the color, engine, gearbox and equipment. Currently available for iPhone and iPad, but in the future it may also be activated from Android handsets.

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Audi begins offering fully integrated system LTE fast data transfer to the car.

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El Audi e-tron A1 with electric propulsion system has been designed for urban areas, and incorporates a range extender that provides more autonomy. Audi is investigating its potential in a large-scale project of the German government called "Schaufenster Elektromobilität".

Published in Automotive News
19 June 2013

Audi is expanding the services we offer in the future Audi connect. Currently the system "Audi connect wireless payment", A solution that allows drivers pay the parking fee from your vehicle very practical way is in the testing phase.

Published in New technologies

Audi Service has created a free service that will allow its customers to pay the fee for the ITV and not worry about all the paperwork and negotiations. The service includes check and preliminary analysis of the vehicle and transfers to the ITV station, handling all the paperwork. The client will only have to deal with fees and collect your vehicle on the dealer or Audi partner.

Published in Promotions
30 May 2013

In the future, the car will be a technological object that allows its user to be always online, even while driving. Audi connect It is the technology that seeks to connect the real world with the digital.

Published in New technologies
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