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The Funstar prototype, created by 23 apprentices of the Vocational Training School of Škoda Auto, is based on the new Škoda Fabia. The car has been created by the students in the last 6 months, with the support of Škoda Design Manager Jozef Kabaň and the Production Director of the brand Michael Oeljeklaus. This prototype will be presented at the 34º GTI Meeting of Wörthersee, event that will take place from 13 to 16 of May of 2015.

The Škoda Funstar is a fun pick-up stands out for its metallic colors steel gray-white-moon combined with the green color. They also highlight the LED lights mounted under the sidebars. The dual-lens headlamps are also LED technology, LED light green stripes as daytime running lights. Also the rear lights are LED.

The Škoda Funstar alloy wheels mounted 'Gemini' of 18 inch from the Octavia RS. The TSI engine is a gasoline 1.2 122 horsepower and transmission consists of a modern gearbox seven-speed dual clutch.

The sporty style is kept inside, finished elements in steel gray-white-colored moon and one of the best sports steering Škoda. Another noteworthy element is the sound system 1.400 watts, which provides a fantastic musical experience.

The vocational school Skoda

The 'Trainee Car' project demonstrates the importance of combining theoretical education with practical experience. The Škoda Vocational School offers three or four year training programs for young people, focusing on technical issues. Students graduate with a learning diploma or an NVQ certificate of level 3, respectively. Currently, there are 13 training courses, with a total of 880 full-time apprentices, of which one 12,5% are women. For their part, 65 current workers are supplementing their qualifications with a postgraduate degree.

The Professional School of Škoda in Mladá Boleslav was inaugurated in 1927, and since then almost 22.000 students have completed their training there. The training is free and remunerated work of students during learning. After successfully completing training, Škoda offers a permanent job to all graduates.

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The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has approved the new ŠKODA Fabia R 5. A vehicle with 114 years of history in motorsport. The Fabia R 5 is based on the new ŠKODA Fabia and Fabia is the successor to Super 2000, the rally car Skoda most successful.

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The sketches of the new car Skoda Superb saloon show a sophisticated, elegant, dynamic, modern and expressive design.

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The new model of the Skoda Fabia car surprises with its characteristics. Although its length has been shortened by 8 mm, the vehicle is more spacious than its predecessor. The interior length has increased by 8 mm and the space for the elbows has increased by 21 mm in the front and 2 mm in the back.

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You want a Skoda Rapid Space Back? Škoda looking for best actor in slow motion. This has launched a contest on Facebook, Impress the Director, in which participants must hang a video pretending to be acting for a movie in slow motion.

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Škoda presented its first electric bicycle "Škoda Green E Line" with a range of up 105 km and 29 inch wheels. This bike is available upon request at Škoda dealers for a price of 2.500 euros.

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Skoda presented the prototype Škoda Rapid Sport at the Meeting GTI Wörthersee. The 32 edition of the legendary Volkswagen tuning event will take place at 8 12 2013 May.

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29 Apr 2013

A completely renovated Škoda Superb was released worldwide in the Volkswagen Group Night in Shanghai.

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Skoda will present the new Octavia RS at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​to 11 14 2013 July. Based Octavia third generation is being launched in Europe since early 2013, the new RS will be longer, wider and lighter than its predecessor and will be the Octavia fastest in history. Following the tradition of SkodaThe new Octavia RS will offer driving feel, great design, intelligent engineering and excellent value.

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The objective of the strategy 'GreenFuture'Of Škoda is to improve the sustainability of the company, focusing on more environmentally friendly vehicles and promoting more efficient use of resources. Production Škoda will focus on using a 25% less energy and water, generating fewer emissions and recycle even more 2018.

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