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The new model of the popular Citroen car, the C3 Picasso, called Tonic and incorporates new exterior trim, chrome accents and new headlights Daytime LED technology.

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Airbump ® is the technology that has been developed to protect Citroen Citroen doors C4 Cactus. The pieces Airbump® They are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a material soft to the touch and very resistant to abrasion that does not emit any type of smell and enjoys a high flexibility.

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The Citröen DS 5LS R concept car will be presented soon at the Beijing Motor Show. This sports saloon is characterized by a powerful silhouette that highlights the calender "DS Wings", hallmark of the new DS.

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Citroen unveils new images Citroën Grand Picasso C4A vehicle using the new platform can offer EMP2 modularity, livability and unique accessibility, along with emissions of very small CO2 (up 98 g / km). Also debuts the new technology BlueHDi a version that develops an output of 150 CV and only emits 110 g / km of CO2.

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27 June 2013

The new C4 Picasso, Is available in 4 trim levels (Attraction, Seduction, Intensive and Exclusive) and 6 engines (VTi 120, THP 155, HDi 90, e-HDi 90 Airdream with ETG6, e-HDi 115 Airdream with manual transmission and ETG6, engines to which the e-HDi Airdream 150) be added.

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The new Citroën C3 reach the Spanish market with a new front, which integrates LED daytime running lights, one behind enhanced by new taillights and new interior trims and finishes high.

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The range Jumpy introduce innovations in their engines, equipment and interior aesthetics. Incorporating 160 AUT6 HDi engine in version Millenium L, which incorporates up places 8, zoom power Citroën Jumpy to 163 horses, associated with a six-speed automatic transmission. Additionally the Citroën Jumpy includes active safety systems with ESP + ASR and extensive standard equipment: control / speed limiter, automatic lights, automatic climate control, sobretintadas moons from the second row of seats and connecting box (Bluetooth + USB + Audio In jack ). On the other hand, you can now optionally include the eMyWay, a telematics system with a browser with color display 7 "that allows emergency calls and emergency localized if necessary.

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Citroën unveils concept car Citroën Technospace, Anticipation of future Picasso, the compact MPV "made in Vigo" to hit our streets throughout the second half of 2013.

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Citroën Citrovitaminas launch a new campaign that gives 5.000 checks discounts of € 20 30 or services through internet sales and that will benefit both vehicle users Citroën as any brand.

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The DS3 is the latest Citroen model to feature this engine family. Equipped with VTi engine 82, also available on the Citroën C3 develops 82 CV (60 kW) at rpm and gets 5.750 consumption 4,5 l / 100 km, with a displacement of 1199 cm3. CO2 emissions have been reduced to reach 104 g / km.

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regis y 6947 other you have joined the group Workshop Manuals Heavy Vehicle 4 hours 40 minutes

Hello, we are a group of students from Eafit University and we want to implement one of these three proposals in a neighborhood of the city. Please we need to tell us what they think and what corrections they would make. Thank you

Propuesta 1
Create electronic signs in different parts of the neighborhood, strategically located (bus stops, metro and EnCicla stations, rest areas) so that they are accessible to all mechanics and different members of the community. These signals will be intervened by artists to give it a unique and attractive touch and will have a sensor that will light up in a certain distance range, in order to attract the attention of all those who are nearby. They will also have a QR code, which will open a web page, and a touch screen, where they will show a map of the district and the different locations that the entities have. If you press one of these localities, it will show you all the information of the place and the opening and closing times and of the next events that will take place, if it has them. Each sign will have some coupons, in which different discounts can be won in the different places of the entities of the neighborhood (20% discount in Mattelsa, 4 tickets to Comfama, etc.). These coupons can be purchased only if they recycle any packaging, batteries or if they deposit screws or tools there that the mechanics no longer use. This to encourage the good use of waste and improve the sustainability of the district.

Propuesta 2
Create an application which will be divided into two parts.
The first of these will be automotive mechanics, which will have all the workshops that are part of the neighborhood, which will be divided by type of specialty (tire repair, painting, changing parts, etc.). These workshops will feature medals or badges that can be earned for actions they do to improve the neighborhood. By pressing each workshop, you can view a photo and / or description of each mechanic, with their respective skills and their availability for the week. When selecting the mechanic we want, you will receive a notification, with the time and what you want to do to the car, and then proceed to accept.
The second is what to do while I'm waiting. In which when you open it, a map of the neighborhood will appear, in which it will show you a map of the district and the different localities that the entities have. If you press one of these localities, it will show you all the information of the place and the opening and closing times and of the next events that will take place, if it has them.
These two parts will have a guide so that mechanics and visitors can go to the workshop or business they need. This application will be announced through panels strategically located in different parts of the neighborhood.

Propuesta 3
Space of ideation and work (Inventive), with monthly inscriptions for mechanics and any external person who wishes to enter inventive, this space will have ideas, challenges and sustainable projects, the loan of tools in inventive and also for workshops, guide to solve problems and this hand in hand with inventive users in every step by step of this idea solving; This will be integrated into the new dynamics of the creative district, since they will be given the opportunity to present their work at fairs and events, they will be recognized for obtaining training, talks and courses from the sponsors of Perpetual Help and it will also be an open space for tourists, universities, schools, among other entities, this in order to achieve new agreements with the creative district and publicize the work of the mechanics on weekends.


Rafael created the new topic ' CONSULTATION'Forum. 21 hours 4 minutes

Hello friends, I bought a Volo Perfomance FS2 chip a long time ago, I installed it, in time I changed the car the same but newer and I do not remember how the chip is connected to Ob2, on the page of, it does not allow to make the query.
If someone knows where a link to consult, I would appreciate it.


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