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18 June 2013

Toyota Announces "'Integral Check Hybrid System" service

  • Written by Aitor
Toyota Announces "'Integral Check Hybrid System" service

The new service 'Integral Check Hybrid System'Allows customers to extend the peace and quiet of your vehicle beyond 5 years (or 100.00 km) warranty currently offered Toyota for the components of the hybrid system.

El Integral Check Hybrid System'Provides a comprehensive review of the entire hybrid vehicle system and is associated with a mechanical locking battery hybrid system for a period of one year or 15.000 km (whichever occurs first). Once the check, the customer will receive a certificate which ensures the proper functioning of the system together with the issuance of insurance associated with mechanical battery.

The client can hire new service along with the scheduled review of your vehicle for just 25 € (+ VAT) or separately for a price of 40 € (+ VAT). Each hybrid vehicle You can hire a maximum of 5 checkups until it meets the 10 years.

1 vehicles each 4 Toyota Spain sold are hybrids. In order to ensure maximum comfort and confidence to this new growing group of customers, Toyota Spain offers this innovative service is now available in the Official Network of Dealers.

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