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04 May 2013

Prototype Toyota me.we

  • Written by Aitor

TOYOTA me.we The prototype is the result of a collaboration between the European Centre for Design and Development of Toyota (ED2) and Jean-Marie Massaud, the renowned creative designer acclaimed for his visionary projects in design and architecture.

To ED2, who signed a collaboration agreement with Studio Massaud 2011 in July, it's about learning a unique collaboration around a project that marks a paradigm shift regarding the design and engineering of traditional automotive.

As for Jean-Marie Massaud, his ambition is to integrate human, economic and environmental challenges in a realistic concept of an "anti-crisis" car.

The unique concept of the prototype Toyota me.we revolves around three main axes:

• 1. Adaptation: It is offering an immersive sensory experience that is adaptable to a wide variety of lifestyles, along with the essential need for quality and innovation.

• 2. Summary: eliminate waste and suggest a new way of reacting to how we behave and the expectations we have, and a proposed alternative synthesis based on personal decisions in the areas of vehicle design, cost reduction and behavior users.

• 3. Modernity. It's time to question existing conventions and to seek a change. A vehicle that is not satisfied with a good image, but goes beyond the experience it offers, the ingenuity of their solutions and their desire to comfortably meet our needs. a vehicle that reflects the values ​​of people with vision, rather than simply reflect social status.

From his conversations with ED2, Jean-Marie Massaud found a number of inconsistencies in the way we value and understand the vehicles: "Losing sight of reality and as a result of an idealized approach, the car has become a accumulation of restrictions rather than a source of freedom. However, our lives and needs require greater adaptability, simplicity and agility. The car today should be seen as a personal mobility solution that can offer more. In other words, drivers are in an eternal duality: on the one hand, a plethora of promises that promote ego and social status through excessive advertising on innovation. Furthermore, frustration causing restrictions.

Juxtaposes the desire and pleasure, status with utility space with the capacity, power with agility, performance suitability, segmentation adaptation, and stress with serenity. "

Me.we, the designer proposes a solution that is workable here and now, and that, far from excessive use of technology in the name of "always", provides an answer that has its main roots in reality and in current concerns about collective responsibility and individual good citizenship.

The aim of TOYOTA me.we is nothing less than to combine all these essentially paradoxical challenges. This is not to reinvent the car, but rather to create a vehicle for everyone, take a new approach to pleasure, easier, more appropriate and more realistic (easy to park, adaptable to different lifestyles and use extremely nice): it is in fact a real based on the "passion" and status car alternative.

So far, no other vehicle was able to resolve the contradictions of real life as well as it does me.we:

• Lightweight and flexible: aluminum tubular structure me.we incorporates interchangeable body panels (doors, wings, bonnet, bumper, etc..) Designed in expanded polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer enormous flexibility and lightness.

• Individual and standard: the different body panels are easily customized, while the molded production method allows manufacturing standards for maximum return on investment.

• Freedom and responsibility: as "pickup", convertible, SUV all in one compact urban vehicle, me.we is designed for a wide range of users, while its ecological footprint is minimized thanks to the reduced weight of the prototype and materials used.

• ME and WE: reflects a simultaneous concern for personal welfare (ME I) and the welfare of others (WE, us), summarizing the identity of a road to freedom is desirable for everyone with responsibility for all .

If you do not understand exactly what this is from the Toyota me.We have made a video where you can see how the vehicle is modified.

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