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26 Feb 2012

Geneva Motor Show: Citroen Racing Concept DS4

  • Written by Aitor

This concept car will be presented in premiere at the Geneva Motor Racing looks attributes 100%. It has a lowered chassis 35 mm in front of the serial version, tracks which have been widened 55 75 mm mm front and rear, and integrates different elements: an air diffuser, a spoiler that finishes off the front bumper, skirts in the sides of the body and a more pronounced fins. After tuning Citroen Racing liter turbo engine develops 1,6 256 CV, with an equivalence of 160 CV / l emissions of CO2 of 155 g / km.

The braking system has front axle with four-piston calipers and specific discs with a diameter reaches 380 mm. Finally, the Citroën Racing DS4 Concept is equipped with wheels 19'' riding tires 235 / 40.

Another feature of the concept car Citroën Racing Concept DS4 is its matte gray paint with textured effect. Thanks to its granulation, this painting reflects light differently, highlighting each vehicle feature. A sober and modern color also conveys robustness. To polish your exterior lines, the Citroen Racing Concept DS4 wears a two-tone roof and bicolor wheels a specific design.

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