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01 Mar 2012

Geneva: Introducing a new version of the Up!

  • Written by Aitor

Geneva Volkswagen presented new versions of the new urban brand specialist, the up!

Among other innovations will be presented the new up! hatchback. This five-door version will start marketing in Europe in mid-year. The dimensions of the five-door version are identical to the dimensions of the up! three doors: length: 3.540 mm, width: 1.641 mm (without mirrors) and height: 1.478 mm. Both versions equipped with the same engines (44 kW / hp and 60 55 kW / 75 CV) and offer the same equipment lines (take up!, Move up!, High up!, Black up!, And white up!).

Eco up!
Thanks to the natural gas drive and BlueMotion Technology, set "Start / Stop" and system recovery of braking energy, the up! Newer sets new standards of consumption and emissions of 2 CO2,9 kg / 100 km natural gas (CNG = Compressed Natural Gas) and 79 g / km respectively.

Swiss up!
The body and interior of the swiss up! are decorated with the colors of the national flag of Switzerland: red and white, light and majestic, like the Swiss Alps. The body color of the swiss up! hatchback adopts the red hue of the Swiss national flag: red "tornado". The housings of the exterior mirrors and hubcaps wheel are colored "white porcelain", paying homage to the white cross of the Swiss flag. The white and red exterior colors harmonize with the interior colors accordingly.

winter up!
The design of the winter up! model is based on the cross up! five-door will soon be manufactured in series. The body of the Volkswagen is bicolor: "pure white" (pure white) and "malibu blue" (malibu blue). Large areas of the body are colored "pure white", while the surfaces impact bumpers, exterior mirror housings and profiles that line the side windows are colored "malibu blue". Being a design based on the cross up! Model, the exterior of the new prototype also provides robust version details typical 'cross' as sills and wheel arches color "anthracite" satin effect and underride bars on the front and behind.

x up!
In this new version, the trunk ceiling is fixed on the base plate of the roof bar. In addition, robust side panels protect up! in rough terrain.

Cargo up!
Volkswagen The body is designed for urban distribution and counts with ample 1.400 liters. Cargo freight volume up! increases, compared to the standard model, for a total of 951 1.400 liters. The charge up! has two storage compartments located on the driver side (23 liters) and boot (46 liters) that can be stored on the loading floor and closed by a lid, respectively.

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