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08 Tue 2012

Geneva Motor Show: presentation of Amarok Canyon Concept

  • Written by Aitor

To mark the International Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has an extremely sporty version of the pick-up of successful Amarok: Amarok Sport Concept Car. The design of this new prototype, specially adapted to extreme sport "Kayak Freestyle" demonstrates the great versatility of this model.

The Amarok Sport Car Concept presented in Geneva, meets all the requirements to comply with this sport, from the chassis to the details of the cargo box. With this prototype, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles demonstrates the endless possibilities offered by the use Amarok. Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, spokesperson for the Board of Directors of the brand and Head of R & D Department of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, emphasizes: "The

adaptive design pick-up extreme sports pursued a very specific purpose: to emphasize genes Amarok ".

The Concept Car is high and clearly wider than the standard Amarok, the body color is rare. One of the changes this Amarok is the increased ride height, covered with three layers of paint pearlescent orange-red "baladi orange" in 40 mm; considering the wheels, the prototype is even 85 mm higher than the standard model. The car roof Freestyle has a bracket with four additional headlights. The darkened rear lights and the underride bar different color than the body accentuate the exterior design of Amarok.

The pick-up also offers two electrical access steps that allow easy access off the vehicle and passengers, despite the increased ride height. Access steps, very discreetly integrated into the design, hidden when Amarok is started, so its high performance Off-road remain unchanged. As noted above, this concept car is wider than the production model. In order to make room for big wheels 275 AT / R 65 18 color "High Gloss Adamantium Dark" and design "Durban" I had to increase the width of the wheel in 35 mm.

The two carbon fiber Kayak attach to the cargo box, where the back of the kayak is introduced in two molded notches and lined with soft materials located in the cargo box and the front of the kayak is secured to the trim color bar "High Gloss Adamantium Dark" with straps. The oars are attached on the inside of the tailgate, convenient location that leaves the hand. Other tools such as helmet, life jacket and shoes Rafting also have their place individual storage: helmets are placed on networks located in the front area of ​​the cargo and other supplies are stored in small boxes that can sealed with waterproof covers. The cargo box, lined with neoprene offers a specially designed floor to drain water.

Inside are multiple chromatic details. The leather seats are two-tone design, the seating surfaces are colored "sterling", the headrest and backrest inland areas offer an elegant tone "adamant". The decorative stitching on the seats take the orange-red body color. These color accents also extend to a number of details like the seams of three-spoke steering wheel and the lever gearbox, seat safety bezels and air vents. The dashboard integrates three additional instruments indicate the angle of inclination of the rise and Amarok providing passengers an additional degree of safety during extremely hazardous journeys.

To ensure maximum off-road performance, the prototype of a powerful engine equipped Amarok TDI biturbo 2.0 132 kW / hp 180 delivering maximum torque of Nm between 400 1.500 2.250 rpm and transmission of this great power to the wheels, on the roughest terrain, borne by the AWD system 4MOTION connectable with gearbox and differential gear lock on the rear axle.

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