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Aesthetically convertibles are beautiful, but I must admit that to me will make me a little uncomfortable for two reasons: first air hits your face and does not let you breathe and the second if you get caught in the rain in the middle a highway, will be virtually impossible to raise the hood 120km / h. As wetting to leave, you have to reduce your speed 50km / ho 60 km / h, a rate abnormally low for this type of track.

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Volkswagen Introduces New Beetle Convertible at Motor Show Los Angeles. The new Beetle Cabrio is bigger, powerful, sporty and saving at the same time offering a wider and more muscular look with a flat roof and a much more dynamic proportions. In addition, the Beetle Convertible comes standard with an electrohydraulic soft top opens in just 9,5 seconds, even at speeds up 50 km / h closes compactly behind the rear seats optimizing rear visibility. This model will hit our market in March 2013.

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13 Nov 2012

The R-Line family already had among its members the Golf, Polo and Scirocco now welcomes Beetle.

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Volkswagen presents a limited edition Beetle inspired by HerbieThe known Beetle star of Disney films.

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Volkswagen has unveiled the E-Bugster, a concept in which the sportiness of the Beetle with electric propulsion combined. The E-Bugster is a Beetle-seater Speedster 85 kW of power that accelerates 0 to 100 km / h in just 10,8 seconds with zero emissions and offers very attractive proportions. The electric E-Bugster heart beats at the front and weighs only 80 kg.

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Volkswagen has just launched a Facebook game for all its fans. Travel with the Beetle in different cities of Europe, invite your friends to join and level up, reaching points that you can redeem for prizes, music and even a trip to Europe with the new Beetle at the best music festivals.

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26 Mar 2012

The Beetle and the new up! incorporate some new and original vinyls that let you customize further their designs.

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Volkswagen opened today in Plaza de Callao in Madrid, the exhibition 'From 0 to 200 66 in years. " A stroll through our recent history Hand Beetle. The show begins with its release in 1945 and ends with the New Beetle, through the decades of the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. The exhibition 'The 0 to 200 66 years in Honors a car that has been in the collective consciousness of several generations. The exhibition allows attendees to perform a test drive with the Beetle of the XXI century.

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02 Jan 2012

Despite the cold and rain, the small town of Bilbao became Larrabetzu 21 last December in a great showcase of classic cars.

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Is editing the XXI Century, and after its world premiere on three scenarios of luxury in Shanghai, Berlin and New York, he now presents the Volkswagen Beetle, which hit the Spanish market in November. With new and larger proportions, while maintaining its classic lines, the new Beetle is ready to win back the hearts of those drivers who seek exclusivity and emotionality of a model with a unique personality. Su, sports and more robust than its predecessor, picture will become confident in the spotlight.

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