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The next summer Audi will launch in Werlte one production plant e-gas, A synthetic natural gas to be transported through the public network of natural gas filling stations for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is in Germany. This has been moved from one end to another country a huge and heavy methanation reactor, which has been manufactured by MAN, another company of the Group, in the town of Deggendorf.

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13 Last September, four international vehicle manufacturers came together to demonstrate that hydrogen-powered FCEV technologies are not the future but the present. Seven FCEV vehicles Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota brought their different fuel cell systems to European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012.

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Volvo Trucks has developed the I-See system that is based on the kinetic energy to conserve fuel. I-See works as an autopilot, making changing gears and using the slopes to save fuel.

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Dynafleet, the fleet management system from Volvo Trucks Web-based, is now available through a new mobile application designed for making information more accessible.

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29 Mar 2012

DME (Di-methyl ether) is converted into low-pressure liquid gas. Is easy to handle, similar to propane and it can be extracted from natural gas and different types of biomass. When produced from biomass, known as Bio-DME.

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