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21 Dec 2012

Volkswagen debuts digital magazine for its customers, "Das Auto. Magazine"

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen debuts digital magazine for its customers, "Das Auto. Magazine "

Volkswagen created a new international corporate magazine "Das Auto. Magazine " which is available online in six languages ​​and seven countries.

The magazine is one of the first periodicals that can be read through a variety of media, as its design is adapted to the device to read, adjust its format from one to four columns, keeping the content intact.

IPad users have their own quarterly release with exclusive audiovisual and interactive content, application form, available on itunes. There is also a print edition of the English version of the reissue of 92 pages, and importers around the world can adapt the contents of this magazine classic to develop other national editions format.
"The new Volkswagen magazine presents an innovative concept corporate cross-media publication that can be adapted to the international public to suit market needs," explains Jürgen Stackmann, Director of Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen Passenger Cars. The new concept has a distinctive journalistic style, and also makes extensive use of the possibilities offered by the various communication channels.

"Das Auto. Magazine" replaces both the print magazine "Volkswagen Magazine" as the online application and Volkswagen magazine called "Das.". KircherBurkhardt content agency, Berlin, won the contest last summer to deal with this concept of integrated magazine.

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