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23 June 2011

Volkswagen Launches Golf GTI 35 of 235 CV: pure essence GTI

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen GTI celebrates 35 anniversary with a special edition which reaches 247 km / h.

Golf GTI with 35 6 kg / hp and a consumption of only 8,1 l / 100 km

35 Volkswagen celebrates Golf GTI anniversary of the legendary releasing a special edition: the Golf GTI 35. 35 GTI Features: 173 kW / hp 235 (25 + hp more than the standard GTI), high speed 247 km / h weight / power 6 kg / CV. A true collector's item from day one, which will arrive on time to 35 anniversary of the legendary GTI.

Nothing seemed to suggest that the first Volkswagen GTI released in summer 1976 become a myth, even Volkswagen counting on it, because some things are completely unpredictable, and icons. The first Golf GTI was a great surprise to everyone, for customers, for competition, for manufacturers and drivers for all sports and luxury saloons who had not yet heard about the new Volkswagen that was overtaking them on the highway. Since then, the GTI has become the most successful compact sports car in automotive history. Initially it was agreed to make a special series of 5.000 units, however GTI demand far exceeded expectations and is currently close to overcome the barrier of 2 million units sold.

Acceleration 0 to 100Km / h in seconds 6,6

The new version of Golf GTI 35 again emphasizes the great potential of this car. Following tradition, the new model equipped with front wheel drive and, thanks to the electronic slip differential 'XDS' grips the ground as ever. The powerful Golf GTI 35 transforms each their 300 Nm (2.200 to 5.500 rpm) in pure propulsion managed to obtain a sprint 0 100 km / h in just seconds 6,6. Never before has there been a more dynamic GTI. The new version can be optionally equipped with fast DSG speeds of 6 automatically shifts gears in a split second.


The front of the Golf GTI 35, now equipped with Bi-Xenon headlamps series with dynamic cornering light and LED driving light, is distinguished by its low sticker with black. The winglets (air bypass surfaces), located in the lower outer area, and the centerpiece of the front spoiler in black to contribute significantly improved aerodynamics. The sides of the commemorative model are characterized by shiny black mirrors covers, footrests wide painted in body color and logos "35" edition in the wheel arches. Additionally, the Golf GTI equipped 35 other details such as darkened rear lights, LED license plate lighting on defense and darkened rear windows.

In addition, Volkswagen offers new serial light alloy rims 18 inches for the Golf GTI design 35 "Watkins" (so called in memory of a well-known American racing circuit located in the state of New York). The equipped with tires 225 / 40 R18 wheels are silver aesthetics. With its clear and sporty design, the new tires new GTI have the potential to become true classic models as known designs GTI "Denver" and "Detroit". Volkswagen expands the color range for the new model additionally offering Carbon steel gray to the color palette.


Volkswagen customizes inside the Golf GTI GTI 35 adding new ingredients such as lever knob changes classically shaped golf ball of the first generation, new decorative elements on the dashboard and the door linings design " Black Array ", profiles of the coatings of special doors with the logo" 35 "integrated, seatbelt edged in red and sporting Alcantara and leather front seats" GTI 35 "logo" 35 "integrated central seats.

Also, the Golf GTI also offers unique 35 seats where the inner face thereof and the frontal area of ​​the head restraints are lined with luxurious leather "Vienna" color "black titanium", the central bands of the seats, Alcantara black, take the legendary structure honeycomb mesh grille GTI. The backs up the logo "35". The decorative stitching on the seats are red. Other details are decorative red seams 3 spoke sports steering wheel, the hand brake grip and shifter, as well as the borders of the mats.


235 300 hp and Nm. It has a power 173 kW / 235 CV (+ 25 hp more than the standard GTI, of 5.500 to 6.300 rpm) and force 300 Nm (Nm + 20, of 2.200 to 5.500 rpm). Accelerating 0 to 100 km / g in 6,6 seconds and top speed are rather 247 kilometers data for statistics, since the truly important detail for this GTI is the great engine thrust in each engine speed. The driver gets into the car, adjust the steering wheel and ergonomic sport seats, start the engine (using the key or pressing the power button if the optional Keyless Acces mounted system) and accompanied storm unleashes powerful engine roar. Through acoustic actuator perfected by Volkswagen accentuates the sporty GTI sound.

Displacement of 1.984 cm3. The Golf GTI 35 fitted a turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines EA113 family motor. If you are thinking of the Golf R with AWD, they have been right, since both cars share the same base engine. The big engine cylinders 2,0 4 liter generates its powerful thrust through the supercharger intercooler (pressure overload: 1,9 bar 5.500 rpm). GTI motor control specific electronic management of this model is concerned. Another measure of improvement has been reinforcing bolts engine pistons and rods is now transmit high torque to the crankshaft safer. To cope with the great power of the engine, the cylinder block 8,0 l / 100 km with DSG also reinforces last. Despite its great dynamism, Golf 35 efficiently manage the available fuel: the new GTI with manual transmission offers rates of consumption and emissions combined CO2 liter of 8,1 189 g / km respectively. Equipped with automatic DSG fuel consumption and decrease rates CO2 8,0 l / km and 100 185 g / km respectively.


Two gearboxes 6 speeds. The Golf GTI 35 equipped as standard with a manual gearbox speeds of 6 and optionally automatic DSG of 6 speeds. The GTI, front-wheel drive from 35 years now equips an electronic limited slip differential 'XDS'. The 'XDS' is an extension of differential lock 'EDS' built-in 'ESP' impressively improves the traction and handling. When taking a curve at high speed there is a danger that the inner wheel of the discharge curve to the front axle too, the intelligent electronics detects this situation by informing the hydraulics 'ESP' that creates a braking pressure in the wheel well established optimum traction again. Thus, the 'XDS' differential lock acts as balancing the oversteer typical of front-wheel cars during cornering at high speed. The result is a behavior much more precise and neutral driving.


15 Chassis lowered in millimeters. As is common for all GTI models, version '35 Edition' also equipped with a sport chassis, its body is 15 millimeters lower than a conventional Golf. Front kicks in the familiar McPherson suspension with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, rear, an innovative multi-link rear axle ensured that the 'ESP' is activated only rarely. The four disc brakes Volkswagen are remarkably resilient and highly efficient: the braking distance of the Golf GTI 35 100 at a speed of km / h is only 35 meters. Another advantage of this magnificent GTI.

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