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18 September 2012

Volkswagen presents its commercial vehicles at the IAA in Hanover

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen will present its range of models in the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, to be held in Hanover between 20 27 and September.

In all models Volkswawen 120m10.000 2 display. Among them are the prototypes of sustainable vehicles, the technology driving all four wheels and body transformations and solutions.

Think Blue and eT!
Volkswagen gives great value to the powerful and efficient for all model ranges thrusters. The BlueMotion technology is available on all models, from the Caddy and T range until Crafter and Amarok. This results in lower levels of consumption. The eT! will be presented as the star between the abundance of models of production. This prototype, developed especially for Delivery Services, offers a perspective on the future of light commercial vehicles and sustainable mobility. As electric vehicle, currently represents the maximum achievable technology and is completely custom designed to meet customer needs of tomorrow. It offers the option of semi electric city driving.

Four-wheel drive
From Caddy to the Crafter, all models include four-wheel drive with 4MOTION technology. In fact, one in five vehicles sold Volkswagen has four wheel independent drive. Whether traslarlos trails in ski resorts, RV-drive four-wheel pickup trucks on dirt roads or avenues, or to end Crafter off-road use.

Body Solutions and equipment
In 35 pavilion 5.505 m2, just below the ceiling of the exhibition, 63 superstructures exhibit and processed different, including T1, the Crafter of 7,5 tons, the Amarok with your lift, the Transporter historical adapted ambulance vehicle and the vehicle solar-powered refrigerated.

The customer service CarePort
The customer service of brand CarePort offers from financing the vehicle to safety in case of an accident, warranty and maintenance services and ensuring mobility. CarePort is a clear example of Volkswagen's consciousness about the character of their vehicles as an essential tool.

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